War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0090 OPERATIONS IN SOUTHEASTERN VIRGINIA. Chapter XIX.

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cruit. We then, at 2 o'clock p. m., reported as ready for action to Captain Hazard, U. S. Navy, on steamer Picket.

At 9.30 the next morning a signal from the commodore was repeated to us from the Picket to get under way and follow the fleet into action. At 12.30 we opened fire with one 30-pounder Parrott gun on the battery at Pork Point, and lodged our first shell within the battery. We continued our fire with the Parrott gun and two 12-pounder Wiard guns whenever opportunity was afforded us by the position of the fleet until the order came from the commodore to cease firing at 6.30 p. m. We then had thrown 121 shells, many with effect.

In our endeavor to get within shorter range we ran aground, and thereby lost an hour. Although many of the enemy's shells exploded near us, our vessel was not struck.

On the following day, just after we were ordered into action, we were signaled that the attack had been commenced by our land forces, and we were thus prevented from reopening our fire.

I respectfully call to your notice the zeal and efficiency of Lieutenant Eyre, of the Naval Brigade, under whose immediate direction the Parrott and Wiard guns were served on the gun-deck, and of Lieutenant Dennison, of the Twenty-seventh Massachusetts Volunteers, who had command of the 12-pounder Wiard boat howitzer on the upper deck. I append the report of Lieutenant Eyre, with interesting memoranda as to the service of the guns, and remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Acting Aide-de-Camp.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Numbers 6. Report of Lieutenant C. Cushing Eyre, First New York Marine Artillery.

ROANOKE ISLAND, February 8, 1862.

I have the honor to report the working of the battery of the Ranger during the action at Pork Point Battery on February 7 and 8:

commenced firing at 12.30 at the distance of 3 miles. As the vessel worked ahead we were several times obliged to wear ship, each time running nearer to the battery. During the afternoon the firing was more effective, owing to the vessel having been brought closer to the enemy's position. During the latter part of the engagement the shell were thrown into the Point battery with accuracy.

Expended during the action, 3 Parrott shell, elevation 17 1/2^, distance about 3 miles; 6 Parrott shell, elevation 15^, distance about 2 3/4 miles; 3 Parrott shell, elevation 16^, distance about 2 3/4 to 3 miles; 12 Parrott shell, elevation 12^, distance about 2 1/2 miles; 2 Parrott shell, elevation 13 1/2^, distance, about 2 3/5^ miles.

From Wiard's 12-pounder, expended 20 shell and shot at an elevation of 15^ to 17^, distance 2 3/4 miles; 38 shell and shot at an elevation of 8^ to 12^, distance 2 1/2 miles.

About 3.30 p. m. being within range for the 12-pounder boat howitzer, commenced firing with int, and expended 45 shot and shell, very