War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0037 Chapter XIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Organization of the troops in the Department of the Peninsula, commanded by Major General J. Bankhead Magruder, C. S. Army, January 31, 1862.

Yorktown, vicinity, and Ship Point.


Brigadier General G. J. RAINS, commanding.

13th Alabama.

2nd Florida.

6th Georgia.

23d Georgia.

14th Louisiana.

Louisiana Zouave Battalion.

2nd Mississippi.

15th North Carolina.

32nd Virginia (2 companies).

53d Virginia (8 companies).

115th Virginia Militia.

Maurin's Louisiana Battery.

Nelson's battery.

1st Virginia (3 companies) Artillery.

Bouton's independent company.

De Gournay's independent company.

Duke's independent company.

Ellett's independent company.

Serving as heavy artillery

Peyton's independent company.

Preston's independent company.

Mulberry Point Battery, Land's End, &c.


Brigadier General LA FAYETTE McLAWS, commanding.

8th Alabama.

Cobb's Legion.

10th Georgia.

16th Georgia.

Greenville Guards.

2nd Louisiana.

5th Louisiana.

10th Louisiana.

14th Virginia.

15th Virginia.

32nd Virginia (2 companies).

53d Virginia (1 company).

3rd Virginia (4 companies) Cavalry.

1st Virginia (5 companies) Artillery.

Gloucester Point.

Colonel C. A. CRUMP, commanding.

26th Virginia.

9th Virginia Militia.

21st Virginia Militia.

87th Virginia Militia.

3rd Virginia (1 company) Cavalry.

1st Virginia (1 company) Artillery.

Bagby's company Virginia volunteers.

Jordan's company Virginia volunteers.

Serving as heavy Montague's company Virginia volunteers. artillery.

Otey's company Virginia volunteers.

Williamsburg and Spratley's.

Colonel B. S. EWELL, commanding.

1st Louisiana Battalion.

32nd Virginia (2 companies).

53d Virginia (1 company).

Matthews County.

Colonel J. G. BOHANNAN, commanding.

61st Virginia Militia.

Captain Todd's company Virginia Cavalry.

Lebanon Church and cavalry camps near Yorktown.

Colonel R. JOHNSTON, commanding.

3rd Virginia (6 companies) Cavalry.

Jamestown Island.

Colonel HILL CARTER, commanding.

52nd Virginia Militia.

1st Virginia (1 company) Artillery.

Jordan's independent company Virginia Artillery.