War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0740 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter XVIII.

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4. A quartermaster, with the rank of major.

5. A commissary, with the rank of major.

6. An aide-de-camp, with the rank of first-lieutenant.

7. A surgeon.

III. The following troops will until further orders constitute the Second Brigade:

1. Colonel Bevier's battalion of infantry.

2. Colonel Rosser's battalion of infantry.

3. Colonel McCulloch's battalion of cavalry.

4. Captain Lucas' squad of artillery.

5. Captain Landis' squad of artillery, together with all their battalions, squads, and individuals that do not enlist in either the First Brigade or the extra battalion.

IV. The extra battalion will compose all volunteers who do not enlist in either the First or Second Brigades, and will be under the command of General McBride or some officer designated by him.

V. General Wm. Y. Slack will assume command of the Second Brigade, and, with the major-general's approval, appoint such staff officers as the exigencies of the service may require. He will, further, establish an encampment, and order into it all volunteers who have not already been enrolled in, or who shall not immediately cause themselves to be enrolled in, either the First Brigade or the extra battalion. This order will be rigidly and immediately enforced. He will organize the troops of the brigade into squads and battalions. Each squad shall consist of at least 25 men and each battalion of at least three squads. The commanding officer of each battalion and squad shall be appointed by the commanding officer of the brigade, subject to the major-general's approval. All other battalion and squad officers shall be appointed by the commander of the battalion or squad, with the approval of the officer commanding the brigade.

The squads will be organized into companies as speedily as possible and the companies into regiments.

The cavalry of this brigade and one or more squads of artillery may be temporarily attached to any division of the State Guard, upon the application of the commander of such division. A daily report of the strength and condition of such cavalry or squad shall, however, be made to the commanding officer of the brigade.

VI. The term of service of any one volunteering to enter the Confederate service begins from the date of his enrollment in an organized company, or from the date of the organization of the company, when he enlists in an unorganized company.

The pay of those enlisted within 20 miles of these headquarters will begin from the date of their enrollment by the proper officer of either the First or the Second Brigade or of the extra battalion.

The troops remain in the pay of the State until the transmission of the muster rolls to the Secretary of War, which act transfers them to the Provisional Army of the Confederate States and puts them in the pay of the Confederate Government.

VII. No one except the quartermaster or commissary of one of the brigades or of the extra battalion shall purchase any stores or supplies of any kind for the use of the troops in this corps nor give a receipt for any article obtained for their use, nor shall any such quartermaster or commissary issue subsistence or supplies of any kind to any company, squad, or individual, except upon requisition in due form, approved by the commander of the brigade or extra battalion, nor shall such commander approve any requisition unless the troops for whom