War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0654 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND T. Chapter XVIII.

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as the Tenth Kansas, and desires the, to be concentrated at Lawrence for that purpose. Fifth Kansas (cavalry), Colonel Clayton, at Fort Scott; Sixth Kansas (cavalry), Colonel Judson, at Fort Scott; Seventh Kansas (cavalry), Colonel Jenison, at Lawrence; Eighth Kansas (infantry), Colonel Graham's, scattered, headquarters at Leavenworth City; Ninth Kansas (cavalry), Colonel Lynde (incomplete), at Iola, near Humboldt; Ninth Wisconsin (infantry), Colonel Salomon, at Fort Scott; Twelfth Wisconsin (infantry), Colonel Bryant, at Lawrence; Thirteenth Wisconsin (infantry), Colonel Maloney, at Lawrence; Second Ohio (cavalry), Colonel Doubleday, at Fort Scott; Rabb's Indiana battery, at Fort Scott; Hollister's battery, at Fort Leavenworth.

It has been recommended by Major Prince to detail the following regiments for the expedition to new Mexico: First Kansas, Twelfth and Thirteenth Wisconsin Infantry, Second and Seventh Kansas Cavalry, a battery from Saint Louis, and Hollister's battery. The latter battery is at present composed of men detailed from the Second Ohio Regiment, but this, unless that regiment accompanies the expedition, ought to be charged, and men detailed from some regiment of the some command for that purpose - say from Mitchell's.

Major Easton, quartermaster at this department, will have 311 wagons and teams ready for service in a few days and 50 ambulances; teams not complete, but can be purchased in a few days. This includes all the wagons which can be spared from this post, but he has no information of the amount of transportation at other posts or with the troops in the district. Estimates have been forwarded to department headquarters for 500 wagons, and arrangements have been made by which mules will be obtained to complete 500 teams by the 18th instant.

It is estimated that the expedition to new Mexico, composed of about 5,000 men, will require 500 wagons and 25 ambulances. This will give them transportation for fifty days' provisions and an ample supply of ammunition.

Requisitions have been made for an ample supply of subsistence stores. Moreover a large amount, say over 100,000 rations, can be spared from the stores at Forty Wise, which might be reserved for the expedition to new Mexico should they take that route.

Some of the mounted regiments in this district are armed with the Austrian carbine, which has been found very inefficient and unreliable, the hammers of many of them breaking after a few discharge and the cartridges furnished for them being entirely too small. I am having an inspection of these arms, and will have them repaired as fast as possible, but if better arms can be furnished it ought to be done at once.

The artillery and artillery equipments are very good, but an extra supply of ammunition for the parrott guns ought to be forwarded immediately, as that cannot be fabricated here.

The medical department is well provided with everything.

I would strongly urge that the troops to compose the expedition to New Mexico may be designated at as early a day as possible, as it is my intention to concentrate the at Fort Riley, there being a large amount of forage at that post which has been on hand for some time, and which it would be economy on the part of the Government to use at once; and, besides, being the most convenient post in Kansas for outfitting a large expedition with the exception of this place, where it would be almost impossible to supply them with forage even at a largely-increased cost, it is the opinion of Major Easton and other experienced officers that this expedition should not start until the 1st