War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0519 Chapter XVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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as possible. No extravagant charges for quarters or subsistence will be allowed.

You will preserve the public peace and protect the prisoners at all hazards.

I desire full information on the following points:

I. Have rebels or rebel sympathizers from Missouri come into Fremont County, bringing with them their property, or have such persons sent their property from Missouri into the county? If so, give the names of such persons, a description of the property brought or sent, and the names of the persons, if any, of our citizens who have such property in possession.

II. Does the bringing or sending of the property of such persons into the county tend to endanger the public peace?

III. I desire a full detail of all the facts connected with the attack on Mr. Fugitt and of the capture of those under arrest with the causes of all the acts done, so far as you can ascertain them.

IV. It has been stated to me that one or two persons, supposed to be of the party that attacked Mr. Fugitt, were shot by some of our citizens near Hamburg upon refusal to surrender. You will investigate the facts of this transaction and report to me fully thereon. I am determined to preserve the peace of our State and to protect the property of our citizens, but I am also determined that our State shall not be made an asylum for rebels who have been compelled to flee from their own State in consequence of their outrages on Union men there, if affording such asylum is to peril the peace of our own people. I am also determined that those of our own citizens who sympathize with and protect these fleeing rebels shall not make the consequences of their own acts the pretext for a breach of the public peace.

The peace must be preserved, and those persons afforded full protection and a fair and impartial trial.

You will report to me in writing as soon as possible, and keep me advised at intervals of the situation of affairs.

Very respectfully,


[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA, January 17, 1862.


Governor of Iowa, Des Moines:

SIR: I received your letter, dated January 8, 1862, inclosing a communication from citizens of Fremont County, and in accordance with your instructions I proceeded on to Sidney on the morning of the 13th instant, for the purpose of carrying out said instructions, and have to report my action as follows:

I found the statements contained in the communication above referred to to be true in all material points. I will answer the four interrogations propounded in your letter in order:

1st. Yes. Rebels to the number of thirty families, at least, with a large amount of horses, mules, cattle, hogs, &c., have left Missouri, came into Fremont County, and many of the same class have sent their property who have not come into this State themselves. These persons have come themselves or sent their property to save the same from seizure by the Government that they have outraged for the past year. I was able to find the whereabouts and names of but a portion of these persons, but such as I have found I append below, and will