War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0380 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter XVIII.

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diately proceed to the Hannibal and Saint Joseph Railroad, and station along the line of that road and the Northern Missouri Railroad, at the bridges, &c., such portion of the troops under your command as you may deem necessary for the purpose of protecting those lines of communication. You will arrange to have the troops so stationed and hut themselves in such a manner as to be protected from the winter cold and storms and to afford at the same time the desired protection to the roads. The remainder of your forces along that route will be collected at Chillicothe or some point in that vicinity deemed best for operating against the enemy in Ray and the neighboring counties. It is represented that rebels, not organized enemy troops, have assembled at Albany, Richmond, and other points in that neighborhood, arrested loyal citizens, and seized and destroyed their property. You will proceed to arrest and confine any persons so offending against the peace and order of this State and the authority of the United States. You will be very careful to ascertain, by proper reconnoitering parties, the strength and position of all hostile forces, and not to divide your own troops, so that they may be cut off or your lone of operations endangered. You will, if possible, put yourself in communication with our forces south of the Missouri River, and will keep me advised by telegraph and letter of all your movements. It is thought that a large portion of your provisions and forage can be procured in the counties in which you operate. On this subject, however, you will communicate with the chiefs of the supply department as soon as your troops are concentrated. The duty here assigned you, general, is deemed one of great importance, and will required much energy, care, and discretion for its due execution. It is hoped that by mild but strong measures against these offenders you may be able to restore and quiet in that portion of your district which is now disturbed by marauding parties. You will assure the inhabitants of your district that the power of the Government, both of the State and the Union, will be exercised to protect all loyal and well-disposed citizens, but that rebels, robbers, and marauders will hereafter be punished with the utmost severity. As the leniency which has hitherto been extended to such offenders has only served to increase crimes of this character, the commanding general is determined hereafter to impose the severest penalties authorized by the laws of war.,

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.


HDQRS. DEPARTMENT OF THE MISSOURI, Numbers 8. Saint Louis, Mo., November 26, 1861.

I. It having been represented that many of the troops in this department are in want of pay, clothing, blankets, &c., and that this want result from irregularities and neglect in the appointment of the officers and the mustering of the troops or in the making of requisitions on the proper department for supplies, inspecting and mustering officers will be immediately sent to the different division, brigades, post, and detachments to apply, as speedily as possible, a remedy for these evils. The officers so detailed will, where no proper musters have been made, muster or remuster the troops so as to cover the full time of their service, and will see that the proper requisitions for supplies be made out and duly presented. The general commanding is convinced that the present wants of the forces under his command result from the ignorance