War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0364 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter xviii.

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guard stationed at Medicine Creek was fired on by a party of guerrillas on the night of the 8th instant. The guards immediately returned the fire, and after several rounds from both sides guerrillas fled. The result of the affair was the wounding of 3 of the guard, 1 of them mortally. Mounted troops have been sent out in different directions. Colonel King has evidence that two bands of guerrillas have recently appeared in this neighborhood, under the command of Keisengro and Small, and he is making every effort to break them up.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General Mo. S. M., Commanding District.


Headquarters Missouri Militia, Saint Louis, Mo.

APRIL 9, 1862.-Skirmish at Jackson, Mo.


Numbers 1.-Captain Lindsay Murdoch, Missouri Cavalry, Militia.

Numbers 2.-Captain William Flentz, Missouri Cavalry, Militia.

Numbers 1. Report of Captain Lindsay Murdoch, Missouri Cavalry, Militia.


Cape Girardeau, April 9, 1862.

SIR: Since my last I have to report that, owing to reliable information, I dispatched a party of men, under command of Captain William Flentz, to ascertain about Jackson. The party consisted of 20 men of Company A, Lieutenant G. W. Hummel; 20 men Company B, Sergeant Randall, and 25 men Company C, Lieutenant Wolfers. Being without the report of the captain commanding the party, I state the general result.

The party proceeded by way of Benton road to Jackson, and entering that place they say a small body of men retreating. They followed, and were fired on by a considerable body of men in ambush. Lieutenant Hummel bravely rushed on, but a volley from the enemy killed his horse and wounded him severely; also killing 1 man and wounding 2 fatally. Captain Flentz considered his men in danger and retreated, leaving Lieutenant Hummel wounded in hands of the enemy. Lieutenant Hummel has just arrived. He is badly wounded in the leg and slightly in three other places. He reports the rebel loss at 3 killed and 3 or 4 wounded. Captain Jefferies was in command of the party, which consisted of 56 men. There was another party of men under Kitchens-he supposed to be in southeast direction whom where he was. He reports also that he overheard a conversation between Captain Jefferies and another party, wherein at attack on Cape Girardeau was canvassed, and partially resolved upon to take place last night, but it did not take effect. The Home Guard garrisoned the forts, and my command was prepared for any emergency. The officer in command attributes the want of success to the inefficient character of this carbines. The men have no confidence in them. They are as liable to miss fire as fire, and the bores vary so much that some of them won't hold the ammunition put in them when carried slung.