War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0351 Chapter XLVII. ACTION ON THE POST OAK, MO.

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To Colonel W. M. WHEATLEY,

Twenty-Sixth Volunteers, Commanding Post, La Mine Cantonment:

Move your troops up to Sedalia, as Special Orders, Numbers 10, of March 26, immediately, and await orders there. Your presence there with re-enforcements may be wanted at any moment, and you must move to-night without fail. Reported your departure be telegraph and your arrival also. Be in readiness to march at a moment's warning with force to the relief of Johnson Country.

By order of Brigadier General James Totten, commanding district:


Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General.

To W. M. G. TORRENCE, Commanding, Sedalia, Mo.:

Send the following at once to Colonel J. F. Philips, Georgetown, by express:

"Sent you an order to-day to re-enforce Major Foster at Warrensburg, Johnson Country, with one company of Missouri State Militia. It is important your re-enforcement should move immediately to-night without fail. Two companies and a section of artillery move at once from Sedalia to Warrensburg, and company should join them. Make haste.

"By order of Brigadier James Totten, commanding district:


"Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General."

Major W. M. G. TORRENCE, Commanding Sedalia:

Send the following by express at once:

"Major EMORY R. FOSTER, Warrensburg, Mo:

"Hold on bravely, gallant Foster. Your shall have immediate re-enforcements, and enough to crush out and exterminate all robbers, guerrillas, and murderers. When these come do not spare those who seek to destroy and lay waste Johnson Country.

"by order of Brigadier General James Totten, Commanding district:


"Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General."

I next received the following from Sedalia:

General TOTTEN, Commanding District, Jefferson City:

Just received your Special Orders, Numbers 13, to Colonel Philips. Have only one company in Georgetown, badly armed. If that place is vacated, liable to be attacked by Woodson's gang. Have ordered in men from Saline.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

To which I replied as follows:

Lieutenant Colonel T. T. CRITTENDEN, M. S. M., Sedalia:

Send the company from Georgetown to Warrensburg as well armed and as strong as possible. The commanding officer at sedalia will take care of Georgetown in the absence of the State militia. There will be-enforcements at Sedalia to-morrow from La Mine Cantonment. Show this to the commanding officer at Sedalia.


Brigadier-General, Commanding District.

Later in the night I received the following:

General TOTTEN, Jefferson City:

Dispatches received. Orders obeyed. Captain Thompson, First Iowa Cavalry, 120 men, 2 pieces Missouri artillery, left 12 o;clock midnight. Will be joined at Georgetown with 30 men, State troops.


This record is sent for the information of the major-general commanding.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding District.

Captain N. H. McLEAN,

Assistant Adjutant-General, saint Louis.