War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0331 Chapter XVIII. OPERATIONS IN SALINE COUNTY, MO.

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designated, but on inquiry it was found that the camp was at Bob's Creek, in Lincoln County, 5 miles distant. The officers proceeded, and when nearing the camp the guide fell back and the advance guard was fired upon. In the rush made on the camp a squad of our men ran upon an ambushed squads, and here 3 of our men were wounded - one, I fear, dangerously. The body of the men rushed on, drove the enemy from the camp, killing from 12 to 15, and pursuing them as long as one of them could be seen. Everything in the camp was taken; provisions and forage burned. A large tent, 3 horses, and a lot of blankets were brought away. Thirty men, with the wounded and property taken at the camp, were detached from the command to report here. The officer in command had failed to notify me of his further movements, and, supposing that he would remain on the ground or proceed into Lincoln County, I concluded to strengthen the force. I dispatched 40 cavalry at 10 o'clock that night to Peruque Bridge, and I took the 3 o'clock morning train with 50 infantry for the bridge. Both commands reached there at 4 o'clock a. m. and at 5 o'clock started for Chain of Rocks, which we reached at 8 o'clock, and there learned that Windmueller's command had gone to Saint Charles by the Salt River road. Finding everything quiet I proceeded with the cavalry to Saint Charles by the way of the Mississippi Bluff road, sending the infantry back to the bridge, arriving at Saint Charles at night. Windmueller's command had not come in. At 12 o'clock in the night I received a dispatch from Colonel Morsey, at Warrenton, requesting me to send three companies to attack a camp near Troy. Soon after, at 12 o'clock, the adjutant of Colonel Morsey called on me for aid, and, after inquiring minutely into the matter, I ordered 100 infantry to proceed with a train at 8 o'clock Sunday morning along the road, making inquiries for Windmueller's command, going as far as Warrenton, and getting Colonel Morsey to send all available force towards the supposed camp. The train went to Warrenton, returned from there to Wright City, where Windmueller's command had made its appearance. The commands there joined, and I suppose proceeded to Troy, which was reported to have been overrun by rebels. My impression is that a company of cavalry started from Warrenton, and that the whole will join near Troy and attack that place. Unless I shall hear something by 9 o'clock dispatch the rest of my men except 30 men up the road, placing them in the nearest supporting distance.



Lieutenant-Colonel First Battalion Mo. S. M., Cavalry.

Brigadier-General SCHOLFIELD.

MARCH 7-10, 1862.- Operations in Saline County, Mo.

Report of Captain John B. Kaiser, Booneville Battalion Missouri Cavalry, Militia.

BOONEVILLE, MO., March 13, 1862.

COLONEL: On the 7th of this month I proceeded by your order to Saline County. On arriving at Marshall I was informed that a secession camp was between that place and Waverly, which I started to disperse. I found near Waverly a troop of mounted men, who fled in