War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0139 Chapter XVIII. NEW MADRID, MO., AND ISLAND Numbers 10, ETC.

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maillere line. This was not expected to be occupied in extreme high water, but to produce certain effect for a certain period. It has answered this purpose, and is not now in condition to be occupied, though it can be held as long as the other batteries last.

The long and unprecedented rise in the Mississippi has washed the parapet nearly away. The ground upon which the work was put up is firm and not a caving bank. The guns cannot be used by the enemy and will not be materially injured. They can be easily guarded at night. Batteries Nos. 2 and 3 entirely command Battery Numbers 1. It has six guns mounted in it on strong platforms-three columbiads (8-inch) and three smooth-bore 32-pounders. One 32-pounder had one trunnion knocked off by the enemy's shot on March 20.

Batteries Nos. 2 and 3 are, respectively, 2,000 and 2,175 yards off. Numbers 2 has three rifled 32-pounders and one smooth-bore 32-pounder. Numbers 3 has three rifled 32-pounders. There are earthworks thrown up above overflow and are in good condition. The banks are near and caving, but will last as long as expected at first. To place these batteries farther back from the water lessen command of the channel. If necessary, other parapets can be thrown up in the rear and the same platforms used, without losing the effect of but one gun for a short time.

Battery Numbers 4 has three rifled 32-pounders and one 8-inch columbiad. It is 425 yards from Battery Numbers 3; is in good condition, with some defect of caving bank, but in no danger of being inconvenienced in some time.

Battery Numbers 5 has seven guns. Three are 8-inch columbiads, three smooth bore 32-pounders, and one rifled 32-pounder. This battery was built some months ago, and is 500 yards lower down the river from Numbers 4. It is in good condition and has a second bank in front of it, and the most elevated above the water of all our batteries. The bank is some ten or fifteen feet above the high-water mark. This work was put up last fall.

Between Batteries Nos. 4 and 5 is a parapet for three guns, and another 950 yards below Numbers 5 for three guns. No guns are mounted, and it is not thought necessary at present to place any there.

In the rear of and to the left of Battery Numbers 4 is a square redoubt, built 100 yards square. It has two 32-pounder smooth-bore cannon on center-pintle carriages now mounted, and in a couple of days will have two more up. These four guns cover the gorges of Batteries Nos. 2 to 5, inclusive.

The above constitute the eight earthworks on the main-land at Island Numbers 10, having twenty-six guns in position.

Batteries on the island.-Belmont Battery, or Numbers 1, on the extreme upper end of the island, has six guns; two of them are 8-inch columbiads, four of them smooth-bore 32-pounders. This battery contained the heavy 32-pounder rifled gun called Belmont. At the third fire at the enemy on March - it burst into fragments, but without injury to any one. One of the two columbiads now replaces it. This battery is in good condition.

Island Batteries Nos. 2 and 3 are, respectively, 100 and 375 yards from Numbers 1. Battery Numbers 2 has four guns-three smooth-bore and one rifled 32-pounder. Battery Numbers 3 has five guns-two rifled 24-pounder Dahlgren guns, one 8-inch columbiad, and two smooth-bore 32-pounders.

These batteries are in good condition.