War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0124 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AN IND. T. Chapter XVIII.

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one company of artillery, four guns, and three companies of cavalry; total force, 1,350. Made a splendid movement, arriving within 4 miles of the rebel camps by 8 p. m. Moved again at daybreak and made the attack. At 7 a. m. opened with his battery upon their cavalry, which was formed in line of battle; broke their ranks twice, and the whole camp finally fled in great confusion. Their camps, baggage, stores, &c., were all burned. About 100 horses and mules, with 12 wagons, were brought off, along with such papers and trophies as their transportation would admit of.

Troops returned to Hickman in excellent order, having made the march of 30 miles and completely routing the enemy all within twenty-four hours. It was a very successful and gallant affair. Great credit is due to Colonel Buford and his officers and men.

Yesterday morning I went out to find Colonel Bissell, with his four steamers and barges, which are now in his canal in the woods on their way to General Pope, at New Madrid, by a new channel, which Colonel Bissell, with a regiment of mechanics, is cutting through. It is a herculean job, but will be successful by Thursday evening, requiring more time than was excepted.

Pope cannot be ready before Sunday to cross his forces, and the capture sentinels and spike al the guns all the guns in the upper fort for of the enemy on Tennessee shore. It was intrusted by Colonel Buford, commanding, to Colonel Roberts, of the Forty-second Illinois, with 40 picked men of his regiment. Commodore Foote furnished five small boats, with crews form gunboats to row them. They left the Benton at 6 p. m., and remained among the timber in neighborhood of fort until about 11 p. m., when they came into the river in from of the fort and moved right upon it, driving away sentinels, who fled in the darkness after first fire. Colonel Roberts and his men spiked with files all the guns in position, and left without the loss of a man; a capital success and most valuable to the flotilla for coming operations, as the position of the fort was difficult to reach, and contained to-day at Fort Numbers 2. Will report to-morrow. I will make another excursion among the cottonwood to-morrow, to see Bissell and his command working their way in new channel for transportation.

Yours, very respectfully,


Assistant Secretary of War.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War, Washington City.

NEAR ISLAND Numbers 10, April 2, (Via Cairo, April 3, 1862-2 a. m.)

Colonel Buford, in command of infantry forces, completely routed the enemy at Union City Monday morning; burned their camps and all property which the command could not bring away; captured about 100 horses and mules, with 12 wagons, 4 flags, and other trophies.

Last night Colonel Buford, commanding, sent Colonel Roberts, Forty-second Illinois, with 40 picked men, to drive away sentinels at upper