War of the Rebellion: Serial 008 Page 0056 OPERATIONS IN MO., AKR., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter XVIII.

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remainder. I followed them closely. When I came within 8 miles of Elwood I ascertained that the party I was in pursuit of had divided. Five had gone west of Elwood, in the direction of White Cloud, and 6 had gone to Elwood. Accordingly I divided my command. I sent Lieutenant Sprague in pursuit of the party of 5 en route to White Cloud, and proceeded myself in pursuit of the other party en route to Elwood where I captured them. Two hours after Lieutenant Sprague joined me, having been successful in the capture of the party sent after, with all the stolen property in their possession-5 horses, saddles, bridles, &c. The party I captured had in their possession 12 horses, 3 mules, and 4 wagons, all these the property of Mr. Irving.

These are the most material points of my proceedings.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, First Missouri Cavalry.

Lieutenant SACHS,

Post Adjutant, Fort Leavenwroth, Kans.

JANUARY 22, 1862.-Occupation of Lebanon, Mo.

Report of Lieutenant Colonel Clark Wright, Wright's Battalion Missouri Cavalry.


January 22, 1862.

MAJOR: I arrived at this place at 1.30 o'clock p. m. and took formal possession of the town. I sent forward two companies, however, in advance, who arrived about daylight, but found no one here, although there were 20 rebels here yesterday. At this writing I have a number of scouting parties out in various directions, and by next will be able to tell you what is going on in this vicinity. Some days ago, from the Gasconade, I dispatched scouts to turn the rear of the enemy and learn if possible what was going on in the Southwest. One of these has returned, and reports the enemy all quiet about Springfield, and the rebels all believe that we have gone back to Rolla; they have no idea of our making a forward movement; that quite all of Rains' men have gone home, and say they will remain through the winter. Rains, on last Thursday, with 400 men-all he had left-went to Granby, it is said, to run the lead furnaces. On Friday last another squadron of 200 passed Miller's, on the head of Spring River, going south. He says there are none other than Missouri troops in Springfield, and that Price has not over 10,000 troops.

I also learn that since I returned from this post some considerable amount of supplies has been run off to the rebels. I will stop that arrangement, however.

At this moment the scouting party sent out under Lieutenant Valentine Preuitt, First Missouri, have returned, bringing in 1 prisoner, and report having killed Captain Tom Craig, of this place, in a running fight. He was thought to be Federal-proof, and his lady friend (secesh) was exulting at the time the news arrived over the matter and how nicely he had escaped us, and that we would never get him; but the scene is changed. At the request of his wife I have sent an escort and wagon to bring in the body. We have also found a cache of cut pork, said to belong to him. I have sent out the quartermaster to estimate and