War of the Rebellion: Serial 007 Page 0852 OPERATIONS IN KY., TENN., N. ALA., AND S. W. VA. Chapter XVII.

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Abstract from return of the Central Army of Kentucky, Major General William J. Hardee, commanding, for January, 1862.

[Headquarters Bowling Green, Ky.]

Present for duty.

Infantry Cavalry

Troops Officers Men Officers Men

1st (Hardee's) 430 5,485 102 1,190


2nd 399 6,649 50 686



Floyd's 147 2,064 .......... .........


Bowen's 197 3,004 ......... .........


Clark's 146 1,558 34 932


Total 1,319 18,760 186 2,808


Troops Officers Men Aggregate Aggregate

present present and


1st (Hardee's) 19 413 7,639 12,412


2nd (Buckner's) 16 300 8,100 12,425


Floyd's division 8 156 2,381 4,355

Bowen's brigade 21 376 3,604 5,220

Clark's brigade 8 161 2,850 5,136

Total 72 1,406 24,574* 39,548


*Another return of these forces for the same period given an "Aggregate present" of 30, 781.


Organization of the Central Army of Kentucky, Major General William J. Hardee, commanding, January 31, 1862.


Major General WILLIAM J. HARDEE.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General T. C. HINDMAN.

1st Arkansas.

2nd Arkansas.

6th Arkansas.

1st Arkansas Cavalry, battalion.

Kentucky cavalry (Morgan's).

8th Texas Cavalry.

Swett's battery.

Second Brigade.

Colonel P. R. CLEBURNE, 15th, Arkansas.

15th Arkansas.

6th Mississippi.

23rd Tennessee.

24th Tennessee.

35th Tennessee.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General S. A. M. WOOD.

7th Alabama.

5th Arkansas.

7th Arkansas.

8th Arkansas.

9th Arkansas, battalion.

3rd Mississippi, battalion.

44th Tennessee.

Not Brigaded.

Arkansas Battalion, artillery.

1st Mississippi Cavalry.


Brigadier General SIMON B. BUCKNER.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN C. BRECKINRIDGE.

2nd Kentucky.

3rd Kentucky.

4th Kentucky.

5th Kentucky.

6th Kentucky.

2nd Tennessee Cavalry, battalion.

Second Brigade.

Colonel W. E. BALDWIN, 14th, Mississippi.

14th Mississippi.

26th Mississippi.

26th Tennessee.

41st Tennessee.