War of the Rebellion: Serial 007 Page 0810 OPERATIONS IN KY., TENN., N. ALA., AND S. W. VA. Chapter XVII.

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Colonel Bowen has just arrived with part of his own regiment, the First Missouri. The remainder of his regiment and division (Ninth and Tenth Arkansas Regiments) will arrive by to-morrow night.

With great respect, your obedient servant,


General, C. S. Army.

[Inclosure A.]

Memorandum of the number and name of regiments arrived and to arrive in this department.

Thirty-third Indiana, Seventeenth Ohio, Twelfth Kentucky, Thirty-eighth Ohio, Fourth Kentucky, Fourteenth Ohio, Tenth Indiana, Tenth Kentucky, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, Second Minnesota, Thirty-fifth and Ninth Ohio, Sixth Indiana, First Ohio, Fifth Kentucky, Fifteenth and Nineteenth U. S. Infantry, Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth Indiana, Thirty-fourth Illinois, Seventy-seventh, Seventy-eighth, and Seventy-ninth Pennsylvania, Thirty-ninth and Thirty-second Indiana, Fifteenth and Forty-ninth Ohio, Thirty-eighth Indiana, First Wisconsin, Nineteenth Illinois, First Michigan, Fifteenth and Thirteenth Kentucky, Tenth and Eighteenth Ohio, Twenty-fourth Illinois, Thirty-seventh Indiana, Thirty-third Ohio, Tenth Wisconsin, Twenty-first, Third, and Sixth Ohio, Thirty-sixth Indiana, Twenty-fourth Ohio, Thirty-fourth Indiana, Second and Fifty-ninth Ohio, Ninth and First Kentucky, First and Second Tennessee, Sixth Kentucky, Thirty-first Ohio, Thirty-first Indiana, Seventeenth Kentucky, Forty-fourth, Forty-second, and Forty-third Indiana, Eleventh Kentucky, Seventeenth and Fifteenth Indiana, Forty-first and Fifth Ohio, Third Minnesota, Fourteenth Kentucky, Forty-ninth Indiana, and Eleventh Michigan.

The above are already here.

To arrive:

Forty-sixth, Forty-seventh, Fiftieth, and Thirty-fifth Indiana, Forty-eighth, Forty-fourth, Sixteenth, Fortieth (in Lexington), and Forty-second Ohio, Fifty-first Indiana, First and Fourth Ohio Cavalry, Forty-first Indiana, and six regiments and squadrons of cavalry, one battery (six pieces), thirteen battalions of artillery, and about five or six more Kentucky regiments not yet consolidated will make three or five full regiments.

Arrived since above was taken from General Buell's books:

Sixty-fourth Ohio (ordered to Paris), Fifty-second Ohio, Second and Fifth Ohio Cavalry, and First Ohio Battery.

We considered the effective force of the Department of the Cumberland to amount to 75,000 men.



: The above has been written by a friend under my supervision, and you can depend upon the information, as the bear er can tell you how it was obtained, and from my association and acquaintance I think I can give you almost any information you want at any time. If you receive any communications signed Rex they will be reliable.

Our cause is steadily gaining here, and we feel very sanguine as to the success of your division. There is a great deal of sickness among Federal soldiers-some little small-pox, though not much; mostly diarrhea, typhoid fever, and measles. There are seventeen hospitals here, and about 3,000 patients in them. While writing, the Sixty-fifth Ohio passes down street-about 610 men, besides officers. The hospitals are