War of the Rebellion: Serial 007 Page 0750 OPERATIONS IN KY.,TENN.,N.ALA.,AND S.W.VA. Chapter XVII.

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with my command, and requested him to order the three companies now at Fort Pillow to move immediately to this place. Should he do so, the regiment will be organized at once. Should he not do so, I shall appeal to the Secretary of War.

When I reached Chattanooga with my command, on the march to this point, I was joined by the following regiment:

[Thirty-second Regiment]: Colonel, E. C. Cook; lieutenant-colonel, W. P. Moore; major, --- Brownlow. Organized ---, for twelve months. This regiment is still at Chattanooga, awaiting further orders. It is armed with 500 flint-lock muskets, in good order. Strength of regiment, 850.

When Colonel Cook reported to me he informed me that he was assigned to no command and requested me to attach him to my brigade, which I did until such time as I should receive orders from you. Should it meet your approval, I should be glad to have him continued under my command. I would also suggest that he be ordered to this place, as there is no further necessity for the service of his regiment at the place where it now is, as every indication of a rebellion in that section of country has entirely disappeared.

Colonel J. W. Gillespie, of this city, has reported to me the following companies, with the request that they should be organized into a regiment and attached to my brigade, viz:

Captain A. J. Cawood, stationed at Loudon, partially armed; Captain S. T. Turner, stationed at Loudon; Captain L. Guthrie, stationed at Knoxville; Captain John Goodman, stationed at Knoxville; Captain D. Neff, stationed at Knoxville; Captain W. J. Hill, stationed at Knoxville; Captain A. W. Hodge, stationed at Knoxville; Captain W. L. Lafferty, stationed at Calhoun; Captain W. H. McKamy, stationed at Charleston; Captain J. W. Phillips, stationed at Rogersville.

The strength of this regiment will reach about 850 men. Some of these companies are partially armed with old country rifles and shot-guns. I have ordered all of them to rendezvous at Camp Key, in the vicinity of this city, and will organize them into a regiment early next week.

The following detached companies have also reported to me, viz:

Captain W. D. Smith, stationed at Charleston; Captain J. P. Brown, stationed at Madisonville; Captain J. B. Cook, stationed at Athens; Captain W. C. Nelson, stationed at Philadelphia; Captain H. Harris, stationed at Sevierville; Captain W. G. McCain, stationed at Knoxville.

These companies are also partially armed with such guns as could be secured in the surrounding country. So soon as these companies can be relieved from duty at the places where they are now stationed I will concentrate them at this or some other convenient point and organize them into a regiment.

Artillery.-Captain, George H. Monsarrat; first senior lieutenant, E. Baxter; first junior lieutenant, Brian; second senior lieutenant, Freeman; 140 men, 4 guns, 3 caissons, 103 horses.

This company is now stationed near this city; is under the command of one of the most active and efficient officers in the service. It is thoroughly drilled and disciplined. Six more guns will be obtained in a few days and the command increased to 250 men.

Cavalry.-The following cavalry companies have reported to me and have been acting under my orders, viz:

Captain McLin, stationed at Lick Creek; Captain Brock, stationed at Knoxville; Captain J. F. White, stationed at Maryville; Captain W. L. Brown, stationed at Cleveland; Captain D. C. Gormus, stationed in