War of the Rebellion: Serial 007 Page 0688 OPERATIONS IN KY.,TENN.,N. ALA.,AND S. W. VA. Chapter XVII.

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valley of the Mississippi, the Secretary of War has authorized me to call upon your excellency for all the armed men that can be raised in your State.

I therefore call upon you to assist me with every soldier of your militia into whose hands arms can be placed.

Front he fact that it is more economical and less inconvenient to the citizen, an volunteer force is more desirable than militia if it can be raised as promptly, but time is now of the first importance to enable me to cover the homes of our people and save them from the suffering always incident to an invasion. I rely ont he prompt and earnest efforts of your excellency to furnish as large as possible at the earliest day, to be armed and assembled at such convenient rendezvous as you may designate, where proper officers will furnish them supplies. Desirable as it is to have men enlisted for the war, the emergency does not permit the Government to insists, as heretofore, on this condition. I will receive all armed men for a period of twelve months.

Companies will be transported at Government expense form points where organized, and your excellency's order for the movement will be authority to my officers to pay the charge of such transportation.

I have the honor to be, most respectfully, your obedient servant,


General, C. S. Army.

A duplicate of this letter sent to Governor of Alabama, with exception that it called for troops from Northern Alabama.



Jackson, November 21, 1861.

Whereas the Legislature has, by an act approved this day, authorized and empowered me to receive and muster into the service of the State any number of volunteers, not exceeding 10,000, by companies or squads, or individuals offering themselves, with arms in their hands, to serve in defense of Columbus, Ky., or any other threatened position, for sixty days:

Now, therefore, by virtue of the power thus vested in me, I will receive any company, squad, or individual tendered to me, armed and equipped; double-barreled shot-guns or hunting rifles will be considered efficient arms. It will be necessary for each volunteer to provide his clothing and blankets and cooking utensils of easy transportation, as provision of those articles cannot be made by the quartermaster of the State.

The places of rendezvous are Corinth and Grenada, where officers will be in readiness to receive and organize into companies, battalions, or regiments such volunteers as present themselves. Transportation will be furnished from the depots nearest the place of assembling to the rendezvous for all companies, squads, or individuals.

The commanders of companies and squads are authorized to sign certificates showing the number of men and distance traveled by their respective command, which certificates will be received as evidence of the indebtedness of the State.

All volunteers should provide themselves with three days' rations. All who have efficient arms I hope will bring them, and if they cannot,