War of the Rebellion: Serial 007 Page 0596 OPERATIONS IN KY.,TENN.,N.ALA.,AND S.W.VA. Chapter XVII.

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supplies are taken from Union men, they should be paid for either in money or proper vouchers. Where taken from secessionists, they must be receipted for and duly taken up on the proper returns.

You must cut the enemy's telegraph lines whenever you can. Keep me informed of all do as often as you can write or telegraph.




Saint Louis, February 8, 1862.

Brigadier General GEORGE W. CULLUM, Cairo, Ill.:

A brigade sent by Buell is coming down the Ohio to report at Smithland. Order them up the Tennessee to General Grant. Shovels go down to-day for use at Fort Henry. Send up pickets from Cairo; also two guns from Fort Holt. All heavy guns in Fort Henry should be transferred to land side, to resist an attack from Bowling Green or Columbus. Push on the telegraph line with all possible dispatch.




Fort Henry, Tenn., February 8, 1862.

Brigadier General G. W. CULLUM, Cairo, Ill.:

Yours of yesterday's date is received. The cavalry which General Halleck can spare from Saint Louis might be used to advantage after a while, possibly as soon as they would be got ready. At present we are perfectly locked in by high water and bad roads, and prevented from acting offensively, as I should like to do. The banks are higher at the water's edge than farther back, leaving a wide margin of low land to bridge over before anything can be done inland. The bad state of the roads will then prevent the transportation of baggage or artillery. I contemplated taking Fort Donelson to-day with infantry and cavalry alone, but all my troops may be kept busily engaged in saving what we now have from the rapidly-rising waters.

Yesterday my cavalry went to within a mile of Fort Donelson. All the enemy's pickets were driven in, but no definite information received of the number of the enemy. The force from here, however, had all joined the force at Fort Donelson, and if any re-enforcements were on the way for this place no doubt they have been or will go there also.

All the gunboats are gone from here. Captain Phelps started with the three old boats the evening after the battle, or rather capture I should say, and will no doubt go to the head of navigation. I sent after him a transport, with some infantry, to disable the railroad bridge, but getting of some hours later than the gunboats and finding a rebel force at the bridge, they returned without accomplishing the object. I sent up yesterday the only remaining iron-clad boat, and as she has just made her appearance, I will await her report and finish.

The railroad bridge is disabled. Some commissary stores and quartermaster property were also taken.

The steamer which will carry this will leave in a very short time, so that I will not be able to send any additional report to General Halleck. I would be obliged, therefore, if you would send this, or a copy,