War of the Rebellion: Serial 007 Page 0465 Chapter XVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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these manifest a great desire to get their batteries, and do not like to remain in fortifications. In view of these fact, I authorized Lieutenant Powell, of the Twentieth Illinois Volunteers, an acting engineer on the works at Cape Girardeau, to raise a siege company out of the Missouri Home Guards that were on duty there. I also authorized the commanding officer of the battalion of Home Guards-Colonel, new Captain, Murdock-to raise another company or infantry from the same men, subject to the approval of higher authority. These men were at Gape Girardeau by authority of the commander of the department when I was assigned to this command. Most of them are Missourians, who could not return to their homes, and who could not have remained at home from the first and remained loyal. These companies are about full, and could be filled to the maximum, if authorized, in a very short time. They have never been mustered into the United States service, but are ready to be whenever authority to do so is given. I would respectfully ask to have this act legalized and these troops received. They have already been is service some four or five months as Home Guards and under their present organization.

Since writing the above the J. D. Perry has arrived, having landed at Price's putting ashore a large amount of freight. I understand that the authority to do so was given by the provost-marshal of Saint Louis. There is great danger of loosing our boats by making these landing, and all the Union men of this section of the State have been driven out by Thompson and his band.

I have ordered the captain of the J. D. Perry to disregard all orders to land on the Missouri shore between Capo Girardeau and this place, unless given by the commanding officer of the department or myself. Should it be necessary of freight to go to Charleston, Mo., it can be landed at Bird's Point, and go out by rail more economically than by any other route.

I inclose herewith reported of Colonel Oglesby, commanding at Bird's Point, just received.*




Louisville, Ky., December 2, 1861.

General S. P. CARTER,

Commanding Twelfth Brigade:

SIR: It is the intention of the general of the general commanding to keep your command front of Cumberland Gap, both for the protection of that section of the country and to operate on that line at a suitable time. At as early a moment as possible a squadron or so of cavalry and at least one section of artillery will be sent you. Your supplies will be drawn from Lexington, through Richmond.

It is desirable, perhaps, that you should take a position at the Cumberland Ford, but you must for the present be the judge of the expediency of moving there now. By throwing up a small field work, ot will enable you at any time to hole that position and to operate so as to protect the inhabitants and expel marauders.

It was wish of the general commanding to join the East Tennessee regiments to the main body of the army which will operate upon Tennessee, but they would perhaps prefer remaining on their present line of


* Not found.