War of the Rebellion: Serial 007 Page 0374 OPERATIONS IN KY., TENN., N. ALA., AND S. W. VA. Chapter

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musketry was drowned by the shouts of victory that rose along the lines of men conscious of superiority and right. The enemy, however, again rallied, and formed in line of battle a few hundred yards in rear of their first position and in rear of four pieces of artillery of Schwartz's battery.

The line of my brigade, in the charge over the hills and passing through the enemy's camp, having become somewhat broken, I ordered the commandant to halt and rectify their alignments, which was quickly done; and, being now informed by Captain Ryan that the Fifty-sixth Virginia Regiment was on my left, I again ordered an advance, which was promptly obeyed by all, and soon the enemy was again driven from his position and four pieces of Schwartz's battery in our possession. The enemy continued to fall back, contesting the crest of every hill, until we had driven them over 1 1/2 miles, and had possession of the ground occupied by the left of McClernand's and Wallace's divisions of the Federal army. The enemy had disappeared behind the crests of o range of hills about half a mile in our front and in the direction of their transports. At this point I was ordered to halt my command and await further orders.

In the mean time the brigade was furnished with ammunition (chiefly gathered from the slain of the enemy), the lines rectified, and the command brought to a rest, in which position we remained for a considerable time, until orders came for us to march inside the rifle pits, which order was obeyed without the fire of a gun, or even the sight of the foe, unless he was wounded or a prisoner. I had not fully occupied my position in the rifle pits when an order came to me to move at double-quick to the right of our line. The men were again ordered into line and moved in the direction indicated, but before arriving at the specified point another order was received to return. Thus ended the battle of February 15, so far as the brigade I commanded participated.

The number of killed and wounded in each regiment, as per adjutant's reports, is as follows:

Organization. Men and Killed. Wounded.



3rd [23d] Mississippi Regiment. 546 5 46

8th Kentucky Regiment. 312 27 72

7th Texas Regiment. 305 20 39

1st Mississippi Regiment. 331 16 61

Total. 1.494 68 218

Making a total of 286 killed and wounded out of 1,494 officers and men.

I respectfully refer you to documents A, B, C, and D for the names of the killed and wounded of the different regiments.*

I cannot call especial attention to one of the field officers under my command without doing injustice to the others. Lieutenant-Colonel Wells, assisted by Captains Kenedy and Wells, of the Third Mississippi; Lieutenant-Colonel Lyon, assisted by Major Henry, of the Eighth Kentucky; Colonel Gregg, Lieutenant-General Clough, and Major Granbury, of the Seventh Texas; Lieutenant-Colonel Hamilton and Major


*Not found.