War of the Rebellion: Serial 007 Page 0014 OPERATIONS IN KY.,TENN.,N. ALA.,AND S. W. VA. Chapter XVII.

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up with him about 16 miles from Russellville, assumed command, and started in pursuit of the enemy. I found his trail, and learned he was two hours ahead of me. A short distance from here, the advance guard having reported the presence of the enemy in front, I ordered a charge. Upon advancing I could discover but 3 men, 2 of whom were armed, making their escape and concealing themselves in the mountains. The third, who was engaged in cutting wood, I regret to say, was shot and badly wounded by one of the citizens who had joined me. The shooting was done after I had passed some distance beyond the point where the man was standing. Other firing occurred here on the part of the citizens. I was delayed one hour in attending to the wounded man.

Shortly after resuming the march I met the citizen who had been forced to guide the enemy across the country. He reported them as pressing forward rapidly, having heard the firing. I continued the pursuit, and when night prevented any further pursuit the trail not being visible, we were within fifteen minutes of them. I made a circuit and encamped with a view of cutting them off in the morning, but they escaped during the night across the mountains in the direction of Green River, having no doubt received accurate information as to our movements.

Upon the march back to Russellville I recovered the 8 muskets that the enemy had taken at the bridge and also 1 Colt's rifle belonging to them.

The 4 wounded of the enemy are concealed in the neighborhood, and I have no doubt that Captain Pope will be able to find them.

I regret very much to report [that] of the 35 or 40 citizens who accompanied my command, with the exception of Captain Pope and some 5 or 6 others, deserted me when their services were the most required.

I reached Bowling Green on my return at 2 o'clock this morning, with my command in good order.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain Wirt Adams' Cavalry.

Lieutenant Colonel R. C. WOOD, JR.,

Commanding Wirt Adams' Cavalry, Camp Hardee, Ky.

DECEMBER 17, 1861. -Action at Rowlett's Station (Woodsonville), Green River, Ky.


Numbers 1. - Brigadier General Don Carlos Buell, U. S. Army, with congratulatory orders.

Numbers 2. - Brigadier General Alexander McD. McCook, U. S. Army.

Numbers 3. - Colonel August Willich, Thirty-second Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 4. - Brigadier General Thomas C. Hindman, C. S. Army, with congratulatory orders from Major-General Hardee.

Numbers 1. Reports of Brigadier General Don Carlos Buell, U. S. Army, with congratulatory orders.

LOUISVILLE, KY., December 17, 1861. - 12 p. m.

McCook's division is at Murfordville, General Mitchel at Bacon Creek. We are doing pretty well. Zollicoffeer is either retiring across