War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0878 OPERATIONS IN W.FLA., S.ALA., S.MISS., AND LA. Chapter XV.

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RICHMOND, VA., April 17, 1862.

Governor MILTON,


I wish 1,500 arms sent to Pensacola or 1,500 armies troops. The rest of the arms will receive such destination as General Lee may think proper after returning to the governor of Georgia what were taken from him. I will submit your dispatch to General Lee, and request him to telegraph you.


Secretary of War.

NEW ORLEANS, LA., April 17, 1862.

President DAVIS:

Forts bombarded an hour and a half yesterday. General Duncan telegraphs none of our guns will reach them. Commodore Whittle has orders from the Secretary of the Navy to send the Louisiana to Tennessee. Duncan and Higgins both telegraph she is absolutely a necessity at the forts for the safety of New Orleans, and that it is suicidal to send her elsewhere. With the enemy's plan of attack our safety may depend upon her timely arrival there. I earnestly beg her destination may be changed and protest against her being sent up the river. Excitement among the people great on the subject.


Governor of Louisiana.

RICHMOND, VA., April 17, 1862.


A dispatch was sent yesterday to General Lovell on the subject of the attack on the forts below. His answer was required in connection with the question proposed by you. The wooden vessels are below; the iron gunboats are above. The forts should destroy the former if they attempt to ascend. The Louisiana may be indispensable to check the descent of the iron boats. The purpose is to defend the city and valley. The only question is as to the best mode of effecting the object. Military men must decide, and to-day discretionary power has been enlarged.


HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT NO.1, New Orleans, La., April 17, 1862.


Secretary of War:

SIR: The occupation of Tennessee by the enemy, the low water in Red River, the interruption of the railroads at Decatur, and the want of communication by rail with Texas, all combined, have brought about a scarcity of provisions here. Mr. E. Salomon, goes hence to Richmond as special agent, to endeavor to remedy this evil, if possible. I beg that you will cause all necessary orders to be given to facilitate his mission, as you will perceive at once it is one of vital importance. He