War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0795 Chapter XVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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appointment major, as you advise. In Colonel Bullock's regiment the field officers are, if I am not mistaken, to be filed up under the laws of Alabama, the regiment being, I believe, one that was tendered by the State with its field officers already elected. Where regiments are formed by us out of separate companies we appoint the field officers, and vacancies are filled by promotion; but where the State organizes and tenders the regiment, the field officers are appointed by the State.

Your letters of the 24th and 29th, in relation to the right of commanding the naval forces in the harbor, have been submitted to the President, and he concurs in your opinion. As the matter, however, is somewhat delicate, and we all desire to avoid unpleasant conflicts of authority, I will converse with Mr. Mallory on the subject and write you again.

I am, yours, respectfully,


Secretary of War.

WAR DEPARTMENT, C. S. A., Richmond, Va., January 5, 1862.

Major-General LOVELL,

New Orleans, La.:

SIR: Your letters of the 24th and 25th ultimo, have been received.

1st. My request in relation to the powder asked for by Commodore Hollins was of course subordinate to your discretion, but I am anxious to accommodate the Navy on all proper occasions and to keep up cordial relations in all branches of the service.

2nd. I will call the President's attention again to your recommendation in favor relations of Colonel Duncan.

3rd. Your suggestion as to organization of independent companies into regiments and battalions is entirely approved. I had no idea that the condition of your forces was such as you represent. We never permit an accumulation of independent companies. We consult their wishes, however, in throwing them together, and you are requested, with this view, to organize two regiments out of these twenty-one companies, and to send to this Department a return of the organization, with muster rolls and a recommendation for appointment of field officers. In this way provision can be made for Major Lovell within your department.

4th. Your muster-in of other regiments in place of those sent to Kentucky is approved; indeed, until further orders, you are authorized to receive and muster into the Confederate service all companies, battalions, or regiments that tender themselves for the war, or three years; but bear in ind we will accept no men of a less term, unless they arm themselves at their own expense. In this event you may accept them for not less than twelve months.

5th. The militia, when called out as such, bring their generals with them.

6th. I hope soon to hear of your having been able to do something to check the enemy and encourage our people on the sea-coast of Mississippi, though of course I cannot and do not expect you to weaken your command in New Orleans for the purpose of punishing marauders on the sea-coast. If you could get up a small local organization, however, with a flying battery, equipped with good, reliable horses, for rapid movements, so as to prevent the landing of small parties of plunderers, it would have a happy effect and give pleasure and confidence to our people in Southern Mississippi.

Your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.