War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0745 Chapter XVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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RICHMOND, September 25, 1861.


New Orleans:

I cannot spare any rifled cannon for New Orleans. You have one transferred from Hollins. Have the others rifled as fast as possible at the New Orleans foundries. There are but two large-sized rifled guns received at Savannah and twelve rifled field pieces. The coast of Georgia will be attacked in a few days, and I cannot withdraw guns. I have appointed Mansfield Lovell a brigadier-general, and ordered him to New Orleans. He will be with you this week. Have ordered 10 more tons of saltpeter from Augusta to New Orleans, and 100 barrels of cannon powder form Nashville to New Orleans and 50 barrels to Mobile.


Acting Secretary of War.

NEW ORLEANS, LA., September 25, 1861.

Honorable J. P. BENJAMIN,

Richmond, Va.:

General Twiggs requests me to seize all the pork in the city, about 2,500 barrels. Shall I do it?

TNumbers O. MOORE.

RICHMOND, VA., September 25, 1861.


New Orleans, La.:

I know of no necessity for seizing the pork. Do you see any need of it?


Acting Secretary of War.


Richmond, September 26, 1861.


The letter of Honorable F. B. Shepard, under date of September 4,* has been referred to this office for information. At that date the condition of Fort Gaines in the matter of armament and munitions was very unsatisfactory. The fort itself was scarcely defensible with any armament, though all the guns available had been mounted. Two 10-inch guns had been received, but not mounted for want of carriages. These have been supplied, and it is hoped that these guns are now mounted. The bastions are now finished, their traverse circles laid for a columbiad in each; the scarp wall by this time must be everywhere to this proper height; the magazines are undoubtedly available; the rampart and parapet are rapidly approaching entice continuity, and the glaces wants but little to give efficient cove rot the masonry. There are still wanted three heavy guns for the three bastions now unarmed and sixteen flanking howitzers. These guns have been ordered by the Honorable Secretary of War, and are supposed to be under fabrication. They are urgently needed, as well as others, at Fort Morgan. The lack of munitions and implements at Fort Gaines lies between the commander of the post and


*Not found.