War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0728 OPERATIONS IN W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., AND LA.

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them be made to fit, and this without delay, for you will get no carriages in lieu of them.*

Very truly, yours,


Major Engineers, Acting Chief of Bureau.


Richmond, Va., September 6, 1861.

Honorable L. P. WALKER,

Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: I have the honor to request that Captain George N. Hollins, commanding naval station at New Orleans, may be supplies as early as practicable with 100,000 pounds of cannon and 1,500 pounds of musket powder, required for the defense of New Orleans.

With much respect, your obedient servant,


Secretary of the Navy.


New Orleans, La., September 6, 1861.

Honorable L. P. WALKER,

Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: Ship Island is now in the best condition for defense that my means allow. Colonel J. K. Duncan, with four officers of the Regiment of Louisiana Artillery as instructors, has been detailed for temporary duty on the island. I beg leave again to remind the Department that I have not one officer of any army experience at my disposal.

I do not wish to appear pettish or to be importunate in the matter of powder, but if it cannot be obtained the seed spectacle will be presented tot the Confederacy of the Mississippi Valley falling into the hands of the enemy because of the lack of ammunition. There is not in my mind the slightest doubt that this city will be attacked early in the autumn. One company of Louisiana troops has been moved to the Grand Caillou, and another will be sent to-morrow. If I had ammunition I would order a gun to be sent with these companies.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, C. S. Army.


Richmond, Va., September 11, 1861.

H. B. WARREN, Esq.,

Fort Gaines, Mobile, Ala.:

SIR: Captain Lockett was long ago ordered to relive me at Mobile, and I have taken it for granted that he was there; but hearing nothing from him, I conclude that he has been delayed by some cause. You were telegraphed on the 5th instant to open the letters of this bureau to Captain Lockett, and to act in accordance with the instructions to him as far as possible.


*Some matters of detail omitted.