War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0716 OPERATIONS IN W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., AND LA. Chapter XVI.

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Quarantine Station, La., April 30, 1862.

Colonel E. F. JONES,

Twenty-sixth Mass. Volunteers, U. S. Army,

Commanding Forts Jackson and Saint Philip, La.:

SIR: You will, as soon as possible, place Forts Jackson and Saint Philip in a proper state of police and defense.

In addition to the general regulations of the Army relating to the care of fortifications and their armament, you will be guided by the following instructions:

At both works all frame buildings and everything combustible must at once be removed to the outside of the main work or be placed under bomb-proof cover; the ammunition, carefully assorted, placed in the magazine nearest to the batteries to which such ammunition belongs, and the magazine kept well ventilated, dry, and bomb-proof. The serviceable guns left at the works will be arranged in position mostly for up-river defense. All the provisions will be carefully stored in as dry places as possible. Temporary bridges will be constructed only at the main entrance. The damage to the earthwork at Fort Jackson will be repaired as much as possible. The ruins of the citadel will be removed to the outside of the work, and the material used for walks wherever necessary. Colonel Jones will establish a strict quarantine at this station, allow no vessel to pass (save ships of war of the Unites States) until the strictest surgical examination, and with a clean bill of health. No communication will be had with vessels by any person of his command without his express order and after the examination of the surgeon.


Major-General, Commanding.


April 30, 1862.

Brigadier-General SHEPLEY,

Ship Island:

SIR: I send you the Tennessee for a transport. You will at once take so many troops as she can carry and proceed to Fort Smith Philip, there delivering the camp equipage of Colonel Jones, and then proceed to New Orleans, or wherever I may be, and report to me. I want three regiments-Eighth Vermont, Twelfth Maine, and Thirteenth Connecticut. Leave the ablest colonel you have in charge at the island. Have prisoners for us all for thirty days. I send Quartermaster Monroe for all the camp equipage of the regiments here and reasonable baggage. Send all baggage and horses for self and staff, so far as they have distinctive horses. If any accommodation, bring Mrs. Butler with you; if not, take the Saxon. I send the Great Republic for horses, all she can take, and Thompson's battery, with ammunition. She can take one of the regiments. Do not put her below 15 feet, or 6 inches more, if possible; she cannot get over the bar. Get a tow for her.

Organize a number of men, say 250, with provisions for sixty days,m and a competent commander, to take possession of Fort Wood. Lieutenant Reed, in the naval force at the island, will convey the expedition. I have very direct information from thence of the evacuation, but not official. Send Geo. Washington or some other ship with forage suf-