War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0605 Chapter XVI. CAPTURE OF NEW ORLEANS.

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Question. What assistance, if any, was furnished by General Lovell in arming and fitting the Bienville for service?

Answer. General Lovell furnished five of the six guns that she carried and the powder, and was always willing and anxious to assist in ever way.

Question. At the time of the evacuation of the city what services were you requested to render in assisting General Lovell?

Answer. When I came up to the city from Fort Pike I found the naval commandant of the station had left, when I in company with Lieutenant Gwathmey, of the carondelet, tendered my services to General Lovell, who requested me to detain the gun-boats at the lake end of the Pontchartrain Railroad, and to seize all the private steamers I could find in the neighborhood, and there to await further directions from him. That took place on the night of April 24.

Question. from whom did you receive the order or requested which induced you to go to Forts Pike and Macomb and bring away the troops, and were you ever requested by General Lovell to do more than hold yourself in readiness for that duty?

Answer. From Colonel Fuller. I received no order from General Lovell to remove the troops until they had been withdraw.

Question. Did you observe any indecision, confusion, or want of coolness and energy on the part of General Lovell in your interviews with him during the evacuation of the city?

Answer. I did not. He was so cool and collected that I congratulated him.

Question. Were you ever requested by General Lovell to re-enter the lake in connection with a proposed reoccupation of the forts by our troops?

Answer. I was, on April 27 or 28.

Question. What disposition, if any, of the vessels under your command was suggested by General Lovell after the evacuation of the city?

Answer. General Lovell advised me by letter to go to Mobile, if I deemed it practicable.

Question. What disposition did General Lovell request you to make of the guns and ammunition of the gunboat Bienville, and when were the destroyed, and what wa done with them?

Answer. On my arrival at Camp Moore, when I reported to General lovell, I had the guns (eleven in number), ammunition, and projectiles saved from the gunboats. He asked me to take them immediately to Vicksburg, which I did, and assisted in putting them in position.

By the COURT:

Question. Did you command the Confederate naval forces on Lake Pontchartrain?

Answer. I did not; I commanded the Bienville.

Question. How many steamers were you able to collet at the Pontchartrain end of the railroad, and what services did you render in compliance with General Lovell's request?

Answer. I collected three or four steamers, which were used in withdrawing the troops from the forts, but under the immediate orders of Colonel Fuller. I also carried over two batteries of artillery and 1,500 or 2,000 troops from the city to Covington.

Question. Why did you not carry out the instructions of General Lovell to re-enter the lake?

Answer. The withdrawal of the troops, the dismantling of the forts, the burning of entrance was completely obstructed by the sinking of the Oregon.