War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0332 COASTS OF S. C., GA., AND MIDDLE AND EAST FLA. Chapter XV.

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SAVANNAH, GA., November 27, 1861.


Assistant Adjutant-General:

SIR: As directed in Special Orders, No. 2, Headquarters, Coosawhatchie, November 17, 1861, I proceeded to Fernandina and to the batteries along the coast to examine the condition of their armament, and have the honor to make the following report:

1st. The batteries on Amelia Island are not yet completed; some of the guns are to be changed, and others have yet to be mounted. These are, one 10-inch rifle gun; one 32-pounder rifle gun;three 8-inch columbiads; four amy and four navy pattern 32-pounder guns; two 24-pounder guns; and of field guns, two 3-inch rifle guns; four 6-pounder bronze guns; one 6-pounder iron gun.

The guns in position (barbette) are well mounted, except an 8-inch columbiad, which has an unequal being on the platform. It is being remedied by letting the pintle bolster deeper into the pintle cross. In the columbiad carriages yellow pine is substituted for oak, and, and I defected an additional iron strap, to secure the braces, to be added to each brace. I may add that all the columbiad carriages on the coast are made of yellow pine, and are additionally strengthened in the same way.

The guns are all supplied with the necessary equipments; have all the implements for firing hot shot and for preparing and firing shells, and are provided with shot, shells, fuses, and ammunition for 70 rounds each.

I have directed a few articles to be sent to Colonel Dilworth. He asked for 45 sabers and 1,000 Enfield rifles.

2nd. The battery on the south end of Cumberland had four 32-pounder naval guns en barbette. The carriages, platforms, and guns are in excellent order, but the battery is almost deficient in implements. There are no shells; 50 rounds of powder nd shot for each gun. Orders have been given for its supply at once, and until furnished spare implements and shells have been sent from amelia Island.

3rd. The battery on Jekyll Island has one 42-pounder gun en barbette; four 32-pounder navy guns en barbette. They appear to work well, and have each about 60 rounds short and shell; not a sufficient number of the latter. This battery is scantily furnished with implements. I have arranged to send them, through Lieutenant Harden, acting ordnance officer at Brunswick, all that will be required.

4th. Saint Simon's batteries have one 10-inch columbiad; one 8-inch columbiad (in process of mounting); two 42-pounder guns; five 32-pounder guns. the guns and carriages work well, except the 10-inch columbiad, which bears too heavily on the pintle bolster. This was directed to be remedied by cutting away a small pat of the chassis. The battery is supplied with implements; each gun has about 75 rounds of shot and shell, with the ammunition. But as the guns are to be distributed in several batteries, I conceived it proper to order additional stores. (See requisition for depot at Brunswick.)

5th. Fort Pulaski has five 10-inch columbiads en barbette; six 8-inch columbiads en barbette; two 10-inch mortars en barbette; three 8-inch columbiads in casemate; two 42-pounder guns in casemate; twenty 32-pounder guns in casemate; one 24-pounder gun, plank casemate. The guns and carriages care in excellent condition; have an abundance of all kinds of implements, fuses, &c. Each gun has about 120 pounds of shot and shell. Some of the fuses are imperfect; these I am renewing with new ones from the Augusta Arsenal.