War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0288 COASTS OF S. C., GA., AND MIDDLE AND EAST FLA. Chapter XV.

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prevail. There are but eight companies, and never have been more in Hopkins' regiment-three companies at Apalachicola, two near Saint Mark's, one at Tampa, and two at Cedar Keys. You will perceive the useless expense of field officers by the arrangement. Would it not be advisable to concentrate the regiment-if, indeed, eight companies be a regiment-and transfer them to General Bragg's command at Pensacola, and order the Magnolia Regiment, commanded by Colonel Anderson, at Pensacola, to the defense of Apalachicola? Under General Bragg's command Hopkins' regiment would be drilled and made useful, and Colonel Anderson's regiment, with the aid of State troops convenient to Apalachicola, could successfully defend the place with the aid of Lieutenant McLaughlin and a few experienced artillerists.

Suggest the proposed change to the President and Secretary of War. Several companies are organized and ready to tender their services to the Confederate States for twelve months, and consequently there would be no difficulty in supplying the places of the companies of Hopkin's regiment, now at Fort Williams, near Saint Mark's, Tampa, and Cedar Keys, by more efficient companies under suitable commanders. The officers of the regiments mustered into the Confederate service in the State imagine that they are entirely independent of State authority, and if it is proper I wish you would request the Secretary of War to issue a suitable general order upon the subject, especially in this State. I anticipate no difficulty whatever with General Bragg or General Grayson or any gentleman of military education. We can co-operate harmoniously. By the by, General Grayson and myself are old personal acquaintances and friends, though twenty years have elapsed since we parted, and met a day or two ago in Tallahassee. General Grayson's health is very bad. He is nearly spent with consumption. I thought he would die last Wednesday night, and I fear will not have physical strength to discharge necessary duties in Florida.

I think there would have been no difficulty in forming the Fifth Regiment, but Governor Perry has organized five of the companies intended for the Fifth Regiment with an artillery battalion, and appointed D. P. Holland, esq., lieutenant-colonel to command it for Confederate service. The governor acted, if by any authority, by such as is unknown to me. In the present deranged state of affairs I shall be inaugurated and enter upon the duties of governor on next Monday with a heavy heart and a fearful apprehension of my inability to perform the duties of the office creditably and very usefully; but to the best of my judgment I will encounter surrounding difficulties resolved to place the State upon the best war footing, and rely upon the Army Regulations and the laws of the State and the efficient aid of the officers sent here by the President to correct existing evils. From recent indications I think a scheme of systematic opposition to you is designed by some men in our State, and permit me to say to you that under all circumstances you may rely upon my friendship promptly to meet, and, if need by with personal responsibility, the most prominent assailants.

In haste, yours, &c.,




Richmond, October 10, 1861

* * * * * *

X. Brigadier General E. K. Smith is assigned to the command of the Department of Middle and Eastern Florida, and will relieve Brigadier General J. B.