War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0176 COASTS OF S. C., GA., AND MIDDLE AND EAST FLA. Chapter XV.

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Potomac for the necessary transportation of baggage, property, and supplies.

IV. The Second Brigade of this division will be composed of the Massachusetts regiment daily expected in New York, the Eighth Michigan, the Fiftieth Pennsylvania and the Roundhead Pennsylvania Regiments. The Massachusetts regiment will embark at New York, and the three remaining regiments now in Washington will march as soon as practicable to Annapolis, under their brigade commander. In the event of no brigade commander being assigned to this brigade before that time, it will march on Wednesday morning, 9th instant, under the command of its senior colonel.

The headquarters of the Army of the Potomac will be applied to for transportation of baggage, property, and supplies.

V. Hamilton's light battery of artillery will march at once to Annapolis and report to the commanding officer of the expedition.

VI. All the above-mentioned troops will be in position, with all brigade and staff officers as their posts, on Thursday, the 10th instant, in readiness for embarkation.

VII. The position at Annapolis will be taken up with fifteen days' supply of subsistence and forage.

VIII. The movements above directed will be conducted by the brigade commanders, who will arrange their own transportation, and, to avoid interference, Brigadier-General Wright's brigade will leave not later than Tuesday morning, 8th instant, and the Independent brigade positively on Wednesday morning.

IX. The embarkation will be made in accordance with orders hereafter published.

X. Brigade commanders will enforce a strict compliance with the regulation for allowance of personal baggage.

By command of Brigadier General T. W. Sherman:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

WAR DEPARTMENT, October 14, 1861.

Brigadier General THOMAS W. SHERMAN,

Commanding Expedition to the Southern Coast:

SIR: In conducting military operations within States declared by the proclamation of the President to be in a state of insurrection you will govern yourself, so far as persons held to service under the laws of such States are concerned, by the principles of the letters addressed by me to Major-General Butler on the 30th of May and 8th of August, copies of which are herewith furnished to you.* Special directions adapted to special circumstances cannot be given. Much must be referred to your own discretion as commanding general of the expedition. You will, however, in general avail yourself of the services of any persons, whether fugitives from labor or not, who may offer them to the National Government. You will employ such persons in such services as they may be fitted for - either as ordinary employes, or, if special circumstances seem to require it, in any other capacity, with such organization (in squads, companies, or otherwise) as you may deem most beneficial to the service; this, however, not being a general arming of them for military service. You will assure all loyal masters that Congress will provide just compensation to them for the loss of the services of the persons so employed.


* See under these dates in Vol. I, Series III, pp. 282, 402.