War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0116 COASTS OF S. C., GA., AND MIDDLE AND EAST FLA. Chapter XV.

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pany (A) of his battalion, crossed Watt's Cut first, supported by Lieutenant-Colonel Shingler, with whose command I was principally in position. Moving forward without opposition until near Old Dominion, the enemy's picket there first challenged, when an interchange of shots took place between them and our advance. Moving on past Old Dominion, if I remember aright, a second interchange of shots took place between our advance and the enemy, when I discovered that the head of the column had taken the wrong direction for Bailey's house, which I had determined to attack with this portion of my force.

After the delay thus caused, our guide having placed the advance on the correct road, the march was continued to Bailey's without interruption. On reaching that place it was found deserted. the alarm of the picket and the delay incident to missing the way probably gave the enemy time to escape, as one of prisoners, subsequently taken, stated that there was a company at that point and two companies at Baynard's. Moving on from Bailey's to Whaley's, on reaching the main road we were fired on from the woods on the road-side, but fortunately without any loss on our side. the enemy retiring from the woods, we moved on until near Whaley's, when, several discharges of artillery being heard at that point and the roll of the enemy's drums being also heard from two points beyond Whaley's, I deemed it prudent to retire, as me retreat over the long causeway would have been very disastrous in the face of artillery.

Returning of the cut, we found that at the first five our skirmishers had killed one of the pickets and wounded a second, We there found four muskets. Bringing the wounded and the dead man to Jehossee, I buried the latter and dispatched the wounded man to Pineberry. I understand that he has since died.

The second part of the command, under the guidance of Mr. Seabrook, and the command of Majors Palmer and Garlington, taking a by-path, moved rapidly to Little Edisto Bridge, receiving the fire of pickets and moving steadily forward. At the bridge the enemy offered considerable resistance, but charging in the face of the fire the bridge was carried. Leaving a detachment to destroy the bridge, the main party pushed on for the house of Hanahan. There was considerable resistance on the part of the enemy, but being finally broken, our party captured 19, as follows: First Lieutenant John McElhaney, Corporal Samuel Moorhead, and Noah Fisher, Samuel Campbell, James Steffey, Andy Farren, John L. Taylor, Abr. D. Coy, Nicholas Cameron, Westley Cameron, Robert Crytzer, and L. L. Thompson, all members of Company F, Fifty-fifth Pennsylvania Regiment; Isaac Ream, W. E. Garlinger, John Mars, John Werning, Thomas Lockard, Christian Whitaker, and a sergeant* (name unknown, sent to hospital wounded), of Company H, same regiment. One man was found killed on the field, said to be a non-commissioned officer.

Of our entire command, one private in the cavalry, Kinsler Davis, of Company B, was slightly wounded in the leg; Private Henderson, of Company I, was shot through the arm, and Private Chapman, of Company C, was slightly wounded in the head.

Crossing his men and prisoners is a small boat found at Hanahan's, Major Palmer got off safely to Jehossee. The flats sent by Lieutenant Bates did not arrive until late, thereby greatly retarding the retreat of Major Palmer.

I cannot too highly commend the gallantry and daring the Majors Palmer and Garlington, crossing to an island and shutting themselves


*Silas Gollipher.