War of the Rebellion: Serial 006 Page 0088 COASTS OF S.C., GA., AND MIDDLE AND EAST FLA. Chapter XV.

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FEBRUARY 10, 1862.-Skirmish on Barnwell's Island, S. C.


No. 1.-Brigadier General Isaac I. Stevens, U. S. Army.

No. 2.-Captain Gordon Z. Dimock, Fiftieth Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 1. Report of Brigadier General Isaac I. Stevens, U. S. Army.


Beaufort, S. C., February 11, 1862.

SIR: I have the report for the information of the commanding general that a party of the enemy landed on Barnwell's Island last night and made an attack on our pickets. Lieutenant Foot, in command of the pickets, held his ground till re-enforced by Captain Dimock with a portion of his command from Seabrook, when the whole force pushed forward and drove the enemy to his boats. It was a very handsome affair, exceedingly creditable to all engaged, and gives convincing proof that the command is wide awake and ready for emergencies.

I will particularly call the attention of the commanding general to the good conduct of Captain Dimock and Lieutenant Foot, Fiftieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, on the occasion.

A copy of Captain Dimock's report is herewith inclosed.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

Captain L. H. PELOUZE,

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General E. C., Hilton Head, S. C.

No. 2. Report of Captain Gordon Z. Dimock, Fiftieth Pennsylvania Infantry.

SEABROOK, February 11, 1862.

Last night about 10 o'clock I was started by the report of several guns on Barnwell's Island. I took a row-boat full of Company D and went over, leaving word for my command to follow-part immediately and part should there be more firing. Went on a double-quick to causeway. Saw men on the farther end of the causeway in the underbrush and the glistening of several bayonets. As we came they retired more into the shade. Lieutenant Foot, with 3 men, advanced on the causeway to reconnoiter, followed by 10 or 15 more, who advanced in parties of 3, at intervals of one or two rods, with directions, if fired upon, to fire and lie down on the sides of the causeway to load. As they approached the farther end of the causeway they saw 3 or 4 men, and fired upon them. They continued to advance, while I brought up the main force in parties of 9 and 10, so placed in the shade as to cover the retreat of the skirmishers and check the advance of the rebels. Having passed beyond the trees and underbrush at the farther end of the causeway, I left a small force there and took a double-quick to the next causeway. As we passed the negro houses one negro exclaimed, "Great many rebels down there, sir." As we approached the next causeway skirmishers were again thrown out, let by Lieutenant Foot. Passing cautiously