War of the Rebellion: Serial 005 Page 0977 Chapter XIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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A, Twenty-seventh Regiments Virginia Volunteers, commanded by Captain J. Carpenter, and converted in into a company of mounted artillery. Please inform me if anything more than my order is necessary to entire it to be mustered and paid as an artillery company.

While the Thirty-third Regiment Virginia Volunteers was en route from Manassas to this place one of its companies (Company E) arrived in camp near here without any officer, in consequence of its first lieutenant (T. C. Fitzgerald) having absented himself without leave. In consequence of Colonel Cummings having reported to me that he could not undertake another march with the company,as it was composed of unmanageable Irishmen, and as the company numbered about 30, and as I had two unassigned pieces of field artillery, and also Second Lieutenant W. E. Cutshaw, C. S. Aremy, a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, wa without a command, I assigned him to the command of the company, and order the two pieces of artillery to be turned over to him. Yesterday I sent him to Hanging Rock, which is near 15 miles this side of Romney.

Soon after arriving here Major W. J. Hawks, chief commissary of this district, purchased 1,000 barrels of flour, at $4,65 1\4, delivered at this point, but soon Mr. James M. Ranson, of Jefferson Country, as agent for Major Blair, offered a higher price, consequently the Government has to make an unnecessary expenditure. If it meets with the views of the commanding general, I hope that purchasing agents, when sent to this district, will be required to conform to the pieces given in the same locality by the chief district officer of the department to which the ourchasses belong.

I have established the telegraph line between theirs place and Charlestown, and have hired an operator oft the Charlestown office, given him $50 month. He will be direction to report to the chief of his department.

As yet I have heard nothing of the requisitions for camp and garrison equipage having been received it Richmond. Some days since, when the inquiry was made, they had not arrived. Please let me know whether they received General Johnston's approval and were forwarded.

If you have any spare axes, shovels, pickets, or hatchets, please direct them to be forwarded to me.

I have directed Lieutenant Colonel Turner Ashby, of the cavalry, to establish his headquarters at Martinsburg, so as to be nearer the center of his command.

As yet I have nothing from you of from Richmond respecting the requisite blanks for this district.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, P. A. C. S., Commanding Valley District.

RICHMOND, December 2, 1861.

Colonel M. G. HARMAN, Staunton, Va.:

The Central Railroad cannot transport the regiments to manassas. All its means are required for supplies. The regiments from Millborough must as already directed for these now on the way to Manassas Gap Junction.


Adjutant and Inspector General.

62 R R-VOL V