War of the Rebellion: Serial 005 Page 0911 Chapter XIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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And whereas the militia, as thus organized in the said counties, is costing the State or the Confederate Government a very large sum of

money, which we believe to be totally unnecessary for the proper officering the militia;

And whereas we, a part of the tax-payers of the State and of the Confederate States, while we are willing to pay to the last dollar of our means the taxes necessary for the proper defense of our country, and have called upon the proper authorities to spare no expense that is or may be necessary for the efficient prosecution of the war in which we are engaged, yet we are unwilling to pay from three to four time the amount necessary for the proper defense of the country, whether that be as regards the whole expense of the war or the expense to be incurred in any particular locality or section of the country;

And whereas we have unlimited confidence in the Government, that while many abuses may escaped their notice and attention, yet, when brought properly to their notice, they will be corrected: Therefore,.

Resolved, That in the opinion of this meeting the state of things set forth in this preamble is not known to the proper authorities for correcting the same.

Resolved, That in the four counties above named there are not more effective men belonging to the militia than should constitute one regiment, and that the men now divided into four skeletons of regiments, with a full quota of regimental and staff officers and a much more efficient for the defense of the said counties if thrown into one regiment and placed under the command of one colonel with one field officer in the other counties from which the colonel is not taken, to act as lieutenant-colonel or major, and a proper reduction of the number of companies.

Resolved, That, as at present organized, there is not and cannot be any co-operation between the several regiments in the said counties for the defense of each, but if thrown into one regiment, under one commander, they might and would co-operate with each other by the order of the said commander whenever their services might be required for the defense of either county.

Resolved, That we would not have the militia, by this arrangement we propose, withdrawn from either of the said counties, but would continue them in their counties respectively, under the command of their company officers and one field officers, subject to the order of the commanding officer, unless necessary temporarily to call from one county to another for immediate defense.

Resolved, That while the proposed arrangement would be more efficient than the present, it would not cost the Government and people of the State who pay the expenses of the war more than one-half of the present organization.

Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings be sent by the secretary of this meeting to his excellency Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, to the governor of the State of Virginia, to Brigadier-General Holmes, and to Colonel George E. Pickett, commanding the forces on the Rappahannock River.

On motion, the meeting then adjourned.




Secretary. .