War of the Rebellion: Serial 005 Page 0344 OPERATIONS IN MD., N. VA., AND W. VA. Chapter XIV.

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I applied for an extension of limits, but received only the reply that the Secretary of War was absent, and no extension cold be given until his return.

Finally, on the 16th August, 1862, after one hundred and eighty-nine days of confinement, I was fully released from arrest, without any order what to do.

I immediately reported myself for duty.

I would respectfully represent that the law requires, peremptorily, that when an officer is placed in arrest, it shall be the duty of the officer who order the arrest to see that the officer arrest is furnished within eight days with a copy of the charges against him.

Two hundred and twenty-eight days have now elapsed since my arrest, and not only have no charges teen furnished me, but no allegation of crime to justify arrest has been made to me or to those who had me in custody.

I now respectfully amply again to the General-in-Chief for a copy of any charges or allegations which may have been made against me and the opportunity of promptly meeting them, and in case trial cannot be had, I would respectfully ask that at least the charges may be furnished, so that I may know what falsehoods require refutation and witnesses I shall require to accomplish the refutation.

It is perhaps superfluous for me to call attention to the fact that those who have served under my orders, and therefore must be the witnesses of my conduct in service, have been falling in battle and by disease by hundreds and thousands since the date of my arrest. So great have been the casualties, that the command from which I was taken is now reduced more than one-half.

Very respectfully, I am, general, your most obedient servant,



Brigadier General L. THOMAS, Adjutant-General U. S. Army.


Washington, September 30, 1862.

GENERAL: Your letter of the 25th to the Adjutant-General of the Army has been referred to me for reply.

I learn from the Secretary of War that the order releasing you from Fort Hamilton also released you from arrest. You therefore are no longer under arrest, but as you have not been assigned to me for duty, I can give you no orders.

I have no official information of the cause of your arrest, but I understood that it was made by the orders of the President. No charges or specifications are, so far as I can ascertain, on file against you..

The matter, I learn, is to be immediately investigated, and copies of charges, when preferred, will be furnished you by the Judge-Advocate-General.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Brigadier General CHARLES P. STONE, Washington.

WASHINGTON, D. C., December 1, 1862.

GENERAL: At the time of my arrest and imprisonment, in February last, the officer who effected in (Brigadier-General Sykes) claimed to act under your order, although he exhibited no other authority than an armed force.