War of the Rebellion: Serial 005 Page 0306 OPERATIONS IN MD., N. VA., AND W. VA. Chapter XIV.

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were delivered to the bearer. The bearer was informed that a party might present itself on the following day at 9 a. m. at Harrison's Island, near the scene of the affair of the 21st, cross and recover the buried body of a cap[tain and probably of any other buried dead. Money and clothes might be sent to the mounded and probably little comforts, though it was lagged they did not need them. Open letters for prisoners would probably be received. Where a positive answer was not returned, it was promised in the morning. Entire courtesy was shown by the party receiving the flag.


Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding 20th Regiment Mass. Vols., Bearer of the Flag.

NOTE. - Error of date. The occurrence took place November 5, at the hours stated.

C. P. S.

[Inclosure No. 4.]


Leesburg, November 4, 1861.

The compliments of General Evans to General Stone, and informs him that there are but a few of his wounded now at this place, and are as comfortable as their wounds will permit. No objection is underclothing, money, &c., as the may deem necessary. An officer with the rank of lieutenant-colonel will meet an officer of like grade of the Federal forces at Edwards Ferry to make arrangements for the disinterment and removal of the remains of the officer requested by General Stone.


Brigadier-General, C. S. Army.

[Inclosure No. 5.]


November 5, 1861.

General Stone presents his compliments to General Evans, and acknowledges the receipt of his communication of the 4th instant, through Lieutenant-Colonel Jenifer. In accordance with the terms of General Evans' appreciated note, the sum of $100 is sent herewith, for the benefit of the wounded of the United States service now at Leesburg, together with some articles of clothing which may add to their comfort, and a few hospital stores. Lieutenant-Colonel Palfrey will, as arranged with Lieutenant-Colonel Jenifer, be at harrison's Island to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock to attend to the disinterment of the body of the late Captain Alden. General Stone takes this occasion to express his appreciation of General Evans' soldierly courtesy, which the former will be at all times happy to reciprocate.



[Inclosure No. 6.]

Lieutenant-General Palfrey, accompanied by Lieutenant Garland, of the Tammany regiment, Captain Brown, and a lieutenant of the Thirty-fourth New York Volunteers, Mr. Comstock (friend of the late Captain