War of the Rebellion: Serial 005 Page 0266 OPERATIONS IN MD., N. VA., AND W. VA. Chapter XIV.

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[Inclosure Numbers 24.]

NOVEMBER 10, 1861.

Your dispatch received. The Eleventh, 200 strong, is over the river; holds the crests and path well up. The First Kentucky has sent over 200, who hold farther down to near the Fayette road. Schenck will hardly be able to cross to-night, but if the rebels try to dislodge our men, you may be called on to take them in rear. Hold everything in hand. Have your men inspected, to see that no one is without ammunition or provisions. Floyd over on the hill, anxious. Will give you further orders soon..

[Inclosure Numbers 25.]


Camp Gauley Mountain, November 10, 1861.

Major Crawford says he thinks those two regiments, or a part of them at least, are moved down again this side of Warner's, on the south side of the mountain; if so, it is a reason for combining strongly, Expect more from above.

Brigadier-General BENHAM, Camp, Loop Creek.

[Inclosure Numbers 26.]

Yours (Numbers 20) received. Mine you will find was Numbers 18. Your suggestions all enter into the plan. You know we hold the hills from Montgomery's Ferry to Gauley, and have a ferry across New River. Everything is going on at General Schenck's to cross the river to-morrow night. If it can be done, your way is by Nugent's, I should suppose, but if he must come down here, then you must make Fayette, and on the Raleigh road above, to cut him off. Scouts will inform you of his movements. If he begins a retreat, you must be ready to intercept him the moment you are certain of it. Of he tries to dislodge us on the hills, we will work him well in. You will stand steady until the co-operation is arranged, and then will try on Laurel Creek.

[Inclosure Numbers 27.]

Yours (Numbers 22) just received. We will not move to-night. Our troops here occupy heights between New River and the Fayette road. Your scouts ought to capture that picket guard to-night. Will telegraph you further. Schenck's boats all down; will be ready for use to-morrow.

[Inclosure Numbers 28.]


Camp Gauley Mountain, November 11, 1861.

Inform me as early as possible how long it will take you to move from your present position with your entire force to reach Nugent's. Secondly, how long it would take you to reach Cassidy's Mill. How far from there to Warner's, and what difficulties you know of in the way. Can you reach the Raleigh road by Light's Mill? How long will it take you? Will provisions and everything be ready to-day for either route?

Brigadier-General BENHAM, Camp, Loop Creek Mouth.

[Inclosure Numbers 29.]

NOVEMBER 11, 1861.

What news from you? McCook says they are breaking up camp, but many men there still; more than he ever saw before. One regiment