War of the Rebellion: Serial 005 Page 0238 Chapter XIV. OPERATIONS IN. MD., N. VA., AND W. VA.

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At the time of the firing a battalion or more of infantry and some artillery were visible going towards Leesburg, on the turnpike .



Major-General McCLALLAN.

OCTOBER 15, 1861.-Skirmish on Little River Turnpike, Virginia.

Report of Lieutenant Colonel Isac M. Tucker, Second New Jersey Volunteers.


Wednesday, October 16, 1861.

SIR: I ordered at orderly hours yesterday, at your headquarters, as brigade officer of the day, and immediately thereafter proceeded to visit the pickets, stationed as follows:

* * * * *

A few moments pervious to my visit to Company A, First Regiment, stationed at the negro house on the Little River turnpike, about 11 a. m., a rebel dragoon had been discovered on the turnpike talking with a workman in Minor's corn field, about a half mile beyond our picket Station. Upon receiving this information I took the picket and went through the corn-field. Two grown white boys and one negro man were at work in the field, one of whom admitted to me that the dragoon had inquired of him concerning our pickets, pretending, however, that he gave them no information. I through proper to arrest them all, and accordingly sent them in to headquarters.

About 5 p. m. 6 men from this station were on the turnpike about a quarter of a mile beyond the station, when a detachment of about 20 rebel cavalry surprised and fired on them. They promptly returned the fire, retreating as best they could towards the station, where the men had been extended by Lieutenant Tillon across the road. Several shots were exchanged during the retreat, the rebels pursuing our picket until nearly within musket range of the skirmishers at the station, when they turned and passed rapidly up the turnpike . Private. Jordan Silvers. Company A, First Regiment, was killed in the affair, but not until with a deliberate aim he had killed a rebel officer. Private James Donnelly and Alphonso Nichopls, of the same company, are missing. Lieutenant Tillou reports to me that 4 or 5 or the rebels were seen to fall from their horses, which statement was confirmed by all the men.

A scout of 10 men sent out by Captain Young from Company F, Second Regiment, was returning when the firing was heard, but did nit reach the ground in time to assist our men. They found a dead horse belonging to the rebels, a sword considerably marked with blood, a new Springfield rifled musket, and a blanket, and brought in the sword, musket, and blanket. They also brought in the dead body of Private Silvers. This party out as the tavern, and were there when the rebels to the number of about 100 were this side of them. The proprietor of the tavern endeavored to get them in this house by strong importunity, evidently intending to detain them for capture, but to no purpose.

During the night I made the grand rounds, and found everything quiet and pickets unusually vigilant.

Respectfully submitted.


Lieutenant Colonel Second Reg't N. J. Vols., Brigade Officer of the Day.

Brigadier-General KEARNY, Commanding New Jersey Brigade.