War of the Rebellion: Serial 005 Page 0223 Chapter XIV. ENGAGEMENT AT GREENBRIER RIVER, W. VA.

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and them to charge in front, and that I was to occupy the right in front. I did precisely what I was ordered to do, so far as putting my regiment in the assigned position and waiting for the commencement of the charge upon the enemy's right flank. I wasted some twenty minutes, and saw nothing like a charge upon the right, but concluded to proceed to execute your order as I understood it, and had already given the command forward when Lieutenant-Colonel Wilder came up and asked me why I did not move forward. I repeated what I believed to be your order. He said I was mistaken; that your order was that I should proceed he would occupy my place. Afraid, from the fact that I saw no such movement on the right as you had indicated as my guide, that I had mistaken your order, I at once complied with the demand of Lieutenant-Colonel Wilder, and moved up on the hill around the enemy's right flanks as far as I could get without passing other regiments that I found there, which I supposed were intended to precede me. I remained there until several regiments had passed me, making retrograde movement, I inquired of several of the officers why they were going back, but could felicity no information until Colonel Kimball came along with his regiment. He said the order was. "To about face and march off the hill" Having no other information, I waited until all the regiments had passed and then brought my regiment off of the hill. Seeing some confusion among some of the regiments, I drew mine up near where one of the guns had been, but the road, and sent my adjutant forward to you for orders. Of the rest of my conduct and that of my regiment you have been apprised by my official report.*

If I misunderstood your order, and thereby in any manner embarrassed the proceedings of the day, no one can retreat it more than myself. If, on the other hand, I correctly understood you, I hope this flank explanation will to some extent exonerate me from blame.

I am, very respectfully, yours, &c.,


Lieutenant-Colonel, Twenty-fifth Ohio.

Brigadier General JOSEPH J. REYNOLDS.

Numbers 4. Return of casualties in the Union force in the engagement on Greenbrier River, West Virginia, October 3, 1861. +

Killed. Wounded.

Command. Of En Of En Ag

fi li fi li gr

ce st ce st eg

rs ed rs ed at

. me . me e.

n. n.

Seventh Indiana. .. .. 1 7 8

Ninth Indiana. .. 2 .. 6 8

Thirteenth Indiana. .. 1 .. 1 2

Fourteenth Indiana. .. 1 1 5 7

Seventeenth Indiana. .. 1 .. 3 4

Twenty-fourth Ohio. .. 2 .. 3 5

Twenty-fifth Ohio. .. .. .. 3 3

Home's (Fourth U. S.) battery. .. 1 .. 5 6

Total. .. 8 2 33 43


* Not found.

+ Compiled from records of Adjutant-General's Office.