War of the Rebellion: Serial 005 Page 0094 OPERATIONS IN MD., N. VA., AND W. VA. Chapter XIV.

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VI. The hospital attendants, to the number of 10 men to a regiment, and the regimental bands, will be assembled under the supervision of the brigade surgeons, and will be drilled one hour each day, except Sunday, by the regimental medical officers, in setting up and dismantling the hand-stretchers, litters, and ambulances; in handling men carefully; placing them upon the litters and ambulance beds; putting them into the ambulances, taking them out, & c.; carrying men upon the hand-stretchers (observing that the leading bearer steps off with the left foot and the rear bearer with the right); in short, in everything that can render this service effective and the most comfortable for the wounded who are to be transported.

VII. Brigade surgeons will see that the orders of the commanding general in relation to the uses to which ambulances are to be applied are strictly obeyed, and they will report promptly to the brigade commanders all infractions of these orders.

VIII. Whenever a skirmish or affair of outposts occurs in which any portion of their brigades is engaged, they will see that the ambulances and stretchers, properly manned with the drilled men, are in immediate attendance to bring off the wounded, and that the regimental medical officers are at their posts, with their instruments, dressings, and hospital knapsacks in complete order and ready for immediate use, so that no delay may occur in rendering the necessary surgical aid to the wounded..

IX. They will report in writing to the medical director, within twenty-four hours after any affair with the enemy, the name, rank, and regiment of each of the wounded, the nature and situation of the wound, and the surgical means adopted in the case.

X. Brigade surgeons will be held responsible that the hospital service in their brigades is kept constantly effective and in readiness for any emergency. No remissness in this respect will be tolerated or overlooked.

By command of Major-General McClellan:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

NOTE. - The medical director desires that exsection of the shoulder and elbow joint shall be resorted to in preference to amputation in all cases offering a reasonable hope of success, and that Pirigoff's operation at the ankle should be preferred to Chopart's or to amputation above the ankle, in cases that might admit of a choice.

[Appendix B.]


Washington, September 9, 1861.

Numbers 9..

I. The attention of brigade and regimental commissaries of subsistence and of officers acting as such is directed to paragraphs 20, 21, and 22, Subsistence Regulations, or paragraphs 1073, 1074, and 1075, Army Regulations, 1857. Subsistence officers must make issues to the hospital, and keep the accounts of the hospital funds in strict conformity with the requirements of the regulations cited.

II. All changes of station of medical officers are to be promptly reported to the medical director at these headquarters, and the authority given by which the change was made.

III. Leaves of absence to medical officers are prohibited, unless granted at these headquarters.

IV. Patients will not be sent from the regimental to the general.