War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0686 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

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That time, I think, has arrived. Kentucky is now a boiling caldron. Lincoln forces are organized and under arms in five counties in the State. They are rapidly aggregating into military organizations and threatening a descent upon Tennessee. General Anderson is in command or on his way to take command of these forces. Every paper we meet is full of accounts of the pouring of arms and munitions of war into the State to make war upon the patriots of that State and Tennessee. kentucky neutrality is no longer regarded, if indeed it ever was. In addition to this, it is well known that Fremont had his boats loaded with troops to take possession of Columbus when he received the news of Lyon's defeat.

if you do not intend to let the enemy take possession of that gateway, you must take it first. IF he gets possession of it once, you can over dislodge him. Its possession is a military necessity, involving the ultimate safety of Tennessee from devastating invasion. My force here being now well organized, equipped, and in hand, give me permission and I will do the work and hold all below protected and safe. With the Union City forces added to mine, I can close the door effectually against invasion of Tennessee or descent of the Mississippi. It will not hasten matters in Kentucky. As rapidly as events can hurry on the conflict it is coming, and as soon as it is possible for Lincoln to raise forces to meet other pressing wants he will take possession of this place, and from it, as a point d'appui, he will direct his column upon Tennessee.

If you approve, send me three boats, one at a time, and make arrangements to have the Union City forces advanced when I notify the commanding officer, and authorize me to use the guns now at the works above, and to take Captain Gray with me. I will draw back my forces so gently to this place and move up there, and have everything secure before the enemy is in condition to move. If you approve, send me up the gunboats. This move will attract so much attention when made that the real object of the move he will not be thought of. It will avoid any discussion, and if any reference is made to it, the failure of hardee to co-operate will vindicate the movement and commend the discretion of turning the object of the campaign to so good an account. If we do not move now, we never can.

If you can come up and yourself examine the works above as they are being constructed and the site of those proposed, you will see that my judgment is correct. Since I have myself examined these positions, I beg to say that my opinion o their value as a line of defense is greatly modified. This is the only position left us, and that is a paramount military necessity, and is now clearly justified by the attitude of Kentucky and the action of the Federal Government and troops, utterly disregarding her assumed neutrality. If you leave me discretion, I will be there before the object is suspected. I am willing to be saddled with all the responsibility. It I am allowed to make the move, I will send Cheatham to take possession by Union City forces first, and fix some field pieces there before I advance with the forces by water. If you send me the gunboat I may move differently. If you will allow me to make the move, nd place the Union City forces, gunboat, steamers, and forces above here at my disposal, I know how to do the work.

Let me hear from you as early as possible. If you do not approve, don't hurry me away, as I am trying to effect a move on Cario. I will be cautious and make no false step. I wish to aid Thompson by placing this portion of Missouri in safe position. We owe the people who have so committed themselves to our policy that much, and while we