War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0638 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T.

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in the hands of the Arkansas troops now in service.. Moreover, I do not believe it is the practice or the policy of the Confederate Government to receive fresh troops from any of the States for a less period than three years or the war. The troops in the condition I should receive them would be useless to me, and although Mr. Johnson thinks it was the intention of the Department that he should accept and that I should receive them, I have felt constrained to decline doing so without instructions.

If the Department will arm the troops and they will agree to serve for three years or the war, I should be happy to have them. My force is now too small for offensive operations.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



(Copy to General Polk.)

[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

GREENVILLE, MO., August 8, 1861.

Colonel T. C. HINDMAN, C. S. A.:

COLONEL: You will proceed to the brigade of Arkansas troops commanded by Brigadier-General Pearce, and, in accordance with the agreement made by the military board and the undersigned, you will muster them into the service of the Confederate States and take command of them.

General Burrow has been appointed by the military board to turn these troops over to the Confederate States, and from him you will receive them. You will receive three regiments only, and no general or staff officers will be received, except one surgeon and one assistant surgeon to each regiment. By law, the Confederate Government appoints all staff officers, including surgeons and assistant surgeons, but as these cannot be dispensed with, you will muster them into the service, to await the approval of the Secretary of War.

You will receive all public property in the hands of said troops and receipt for the same, consisting of quartermaster, commissary, medical, ordnance stores, and ordnance. Invoices will be given you by General Burrow, and when found correct by personal examination you will pass receipt for the same.

To expedite matters, colonels of regiments, or other officers commanding a separate body of troops, should furnish invoices of the public property in their possession.

After receiving the troops herein named you will march them by the shortest route to Pitman's Ferry, except the cavalry, which you will station at such points on the western frontier of Arkansas as will best give protection to that portion of the State, and where they can be supplied with forage.

Make arrangements, also, by which they can be supplied with subsistence.

You will give Colonel Carroll, of that regiment, such written instructions for his guidance as the nature of the service may demand.

If the squadron of cavalry, under Captain Scott, stationed at or near Fayetteville, is not marching in this direction to join Colonel Borland, you will muster this force also into the service.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



P. S.-Station the cavalry under Captain Scott as such point on your route as will best protect the frontier.