War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0577 Chapter X. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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to be consummated, will terminate in the emancipation of their slaves and the robbery of their lands. To these nefarious ends all the schemes of the North have tended for many years past, as the Indian nations and tribes well know from the character and conduct of those emissaries who have been in their midst, preaching up abolition sentiments under the disguise of the holy religion of Christ, and denouncing slaveholders as abandoned by God and unfit associates for humanity on earth.

You will be diligent to explain to them, under these circumstances, how their cause has become our cause, and themselves and ourselves stand inseparably associated in respect to national existence and property interests; and in view of this identification of cause and interests between them and ourselves, entailing a common destiny, give to them profound assurances that the Government of the Confederate States of America, now powerfully constituted through in immense league of sovereign political societies, great forces in the field, and abundant resources, will assume all the expense and responsibility of protecting them against all adversaries, if they will manifest a disposition to co-operate with us in the general struggle occupying the people at the North and those at the South. To do this effectively they must call out their warriors and form them into military organizations, to be received into the service of this Government in the same manner that our present volunteer troops are received, and to be armed and paid accordingly.

Give them to understand, in this connection that a brigadier-general of character and experience has been assigned to the military district embracing the Indian Territories south of Kansas, with three regiments under his command, while in Texas another military district has been formed under another distinguished and able commander, with three other regiments subject to his orders. With these six regiments from the States of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas it is desired that three mounted regiments of Indian warriors, in the service and pay of this Government, shall co-operate, thus constituting an irresistible force, capable of guaranteeing the safety of the Indian nations and tribes and the security of their property. Let them know that our agents are now actively employed in procuring rifles and providing ammunition to be immediately forwarded to Fort Smith, for the purpose of supplying these three regiments as soon as they shall have been organized, one of which will be raised among the Choctaws and Chickasaws, another among the Cherokees, and the third from among the Creeks, Seminoles, and other friendly tribes entertaining the proposition.

In addition to these things, regarded of primary importance, you will, without committing the Government to any especial conduct, express our serious to establish and enforce the debts and annuities due to them from the Government at Washington, which otherwise they will never obtain, as that Government would, undoubtedly, sooner rob them of their lands, emancipate their slaves, and utterly exterminate them, than render to them justice. Finally, communicate to them the abiding solicitude of the Confederate States of America to advance their condition in the direction of a proud political society, with a distinctive civilization, and holding lands in severalty under well-defined laws, by forming them into a Territory government; but you will give no assurance of State organization and independence, as they still require the strong arm of protecting power, and may probably always need our fostering care; and, so far as the agents of the late Government of the United States may be concerned, you will converse with