War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0552 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

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directed to march from Fort Scott, in Kansas, to Springfield, by way of Lamar and Greenfield, re-enforced if possible.

The successful execution of this plan puts us in possession of the entire southwestern portion of this State, forces the enemy to retire into Arkansas, and enables us, immediately after the concentration at Springfield, to assume the offensive against that State.

The exhausted condition of the country through which our troops are to pass renders necessary the most particular attention to the organization and protection of the provision trains; the commencement of cool weather demands additional clothing for the men, and the sad experience of the past warns us to make every necessary preparation to meet their wants.

[Inclosure D.]

In camp at Nolin River and on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad at various points.

Sixth Indiana, Colonel Crittenden, Nolin River.

Twenty-ninth Indiana, Colonel Miller, Nolin River.

Thirtieth Indiana, Colonel Bass, Nolin River.

Thirty-eighth Indiana, Colonel Scribner, Nolin River.

Thirty-ninth Indiana, Colonel Harrison, Nolin River.

Thirty-second Indiana, Colonel Willich, New Haven.

Tenth Indiana, Colonel Manson, Bardstown.

Nineteenth Illinois, Colonel Turchin, Lebanon Junction.

Twenty-fourth Illinois, Colonel Hecker, Colesburg.

Thirty-fourth Illinois, Colonel Kirk, Nolin River.

Fifteenth Ohio, Colonel Dickey, Nolin River.

Forty-ninth Ohio, Colonel Gibson, Nolin River.

Third Kentucky, Colonel Rousseau, Nolin River.

Fourth Kentucky (cavalry), Colonel Board, Nolin River.

Stone's Kentucky light battery, four pieces, Nolin River.

Cotter's (Ohio) six rifled pieces will be in camp in two or three days at Nolin River.

At Camp Dick Robinson, or acting in conjunction with General Thomas' command.

Two Tennessee regiments, nearly full and nearly ready for service.

Four Kentucky regiments, in same condition as Tennessee regiments; one regiment cavalry.

Fourteenth Ohio, Colonel Steedman, Nicholasville.

Seventeenth Ohio, Colonel Connell, Nicholasville.

Thirty-third Indiana, Colonel Coburn, Camp Dick Robinson.

Thirty-eighth and Thirty-fifth Ohio, Camp Dick Robinson.

Three batteries of artillery, Ohio.

Four Ohio regiments on line of Covington and Lexington Railroad, acting with General Thomas.

Thirty-first Indiana, Colonel Cruft, Owensborough.

Also, three or our Kentucky regiments at Owensborough, under General Crittenden, not full nor ready for the field, but probably 1,500 men could turn out under arms.