War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0525 Chapter X. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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reliable scouts, to spare the troops for action. Cold Neck Bridge must be occupied by at least four companies, and mounted scouts sent out from there in a northwestern direction to watch any movement made against the bridge.

2. Two regiments and one battery of the command now at Georgetown will take position in some proper place south of Georgetown, to be in communication with this command, which I will post front southwest on the heights between Georgetown and Sedalia.

3. The troops at Otterville will proceed to Arater, and advance on the road leading from Arater to Georgetown. They will send one company to the left as far as the railroad track to watch the enemy's movements from Sedalia. They will also have with them some mounted scouts to bring news to me as often as thought proper, to inform me of all the movements of the enemy. If transported by railroad, the troops from Otterville will not proceed farther than Priceville or Farmer City. From there they will march to the north, to strike the road leading from Arater to Georgetown. Arriving at this road, they will take a position to guard our left flank and rear, and to act, under proper circumstances, as the left wing of the line of battle. They will also send scouts from Otterville to Cold Neck Bridge, to give notice to the detachment stationed there and caution them to be on their post.

4. Colonel Bissell will occupy with his command the entrenchments before the La Mine Bridge, where he will receive re-enforcements, if necessary, to protect the retreat of the army across the La Mine River, or in case a battle should be fought near Otterville.

5. The trains will be sent back towards Otterville and Cold Neck. The commissary stores will also be removed, or, if no transportation can be had, destroyed.

6. The whole material at the railroad depot of Sedalia shall be removed, or, if no time is given, shall be burned or otherwise destroyed.

7. In case it should be found proper to retreat towards La Mine River, the command of General Davis will take the road to Cold Neck Bridge, while the Third Division and the troops from Otterville will be directed either to Arater and Otterville or to the Booneville road leading to Cold Neck Bridge.

8. If re-enforcements from behind the La Mine River should be sent forward during the battle, they should advance towards Sedalia, to act against the right flank and rear of the enemy. A special order will define the position of the troops in detail.


Acting Major-General, Third Division, Commanding.

[Inclosure Numbers 2.]


Acting Major-General ASBOTH,

Commanding Fourth Division, Jefferson City, Mo.:

GENERAL: News just received by me from my scouts sent to Warrensburg, and corroborated by a dispatch of General Davis, leave no doubt that General Price has left Warrensburg, retreating towards Rose Hill and Papinsville, to effect a junction with Ben. McCulloch, in Bates County. I learn by the same man, who was staying twenty-four hours in and around Warrensburg, that, since the affair at Lexington, perhaps 500 troops of Price have left him, making their way in