War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0496 OPERATIONS IN MO., AKR., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

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business relating to the far West, and understands the country and people well. Your orders move California troops through the Territory east. General Fremont has requested that these troops shall delay and deflect south. I commend the matter to your early consideration.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.



Denver, August 26, 1861.

Honorable SIMON CAMERON, Secretary of War:

GENERAL: I send as special messenger, for the essential means of defense for this Territory and people, Benjamin R. Pegram, who is fully furnished with dispatches and instructions to represent the extreme dangers enveloping our position. This people are inclosed in a circle of hostile elements converging upon them, and are utterly destitute of arms, ammunition, or any weapons o self-preservation. The Indians are hostile, and pushed upon us by enemies and their emissaries from the outside.

New Mexico can only be regard as likely to aid the advance of the enemy. A strong army corps, such as that lately withdrawn from Utah, will protect this people and reconquer New Mexico. I ask that this army corps may be stopped on its eastward march, and deflected down the foot of the mountains to this place. The greatest economy in time and military operations will be the result of such a policy. The population is 30,000, but so beleaguered and destitute of materials and provisions as to be helpless and without a place of retreat from the advancing enemy. The essential supplies are 10,000 muskets, rifles, and equipments; 2 field batteries and supplies of fixed ammunition for use in the field, and abundant reserve supplies.

The extreme desperation of our position, calmly appreciated, will, I known, secure your prompt action. Energy, loyalty, and bravery preeminently belong to the mountain people. To conquer their enemies appears to them more glorious than the perish. Essential military assistance is all they require to preserve themselves and assist their country's cause.

Very respectfully,


Governor of Colorado.

JEFFERSON CITY, September 16, 1861.

Major General JOHN C. FREMONT:

Have just received dispatches from Glasgow, Arrow Rock, and Booneville by the hands of a man who escaped from the steamer Sunshine. This proves to be the boat captured and used by Green t Glasgow, and not the Clara Bell, as reported. Green has not crossed the bridge. This boatman helped to cross Green, and reports the number at 3,000, and 1,200 more ready to cross-all horsemen, with two pieces of artillery. He reports Lexington as having been attacked with 10,000 men on Thursday, but held the work; subsequently it was reported as having surrendered. This is improbable.


Colonel, Commanding.