War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0438 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

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are required to send out, with all necessary precaution, a moving column on the road to Greenville, whose duty it will be to ascertain the enemy's forces, movements, and intentions. A report having reached this department that Potosi had been captured by a force of the enemy's cavalry, I yesterday ordered Colonel Schaefer, with his regiment, strengthened by two companies of Illinois troops and fifty Illinois cavalry, to retake and hold that place.

After the occupation of Potosi, Colonel Schaefer is directed to report to you and t o make the proper disposition for the protection of the railroad and bridges.

Major Kraut, at present in Ironton, will be ordered to this city for the purpose of erecting fortifications here. His place will be supplied by First Lieutenant William Hoelcke, of the Engineer Corps, who will be instructed, immediately upon his arrival, to report himself to you and to carry on and complete the work commenced by Major Kraut.


Major-General, Commanding.


Ironton, Mo., August 12, 1861.

Captain JOHN C. KELTON, Saint Louis, Mo.:

Since my report of yesterday my scouts have returned from towards Brunot, having penetrated as far south as a point occupied by the enemy's most advanced pickets the night before. All had left, and from the best information received two forces are moving, one as if to come in upon the railroad from the west, the other from the east. Marauding bands are still reported on the road from Potosi to Caledonia and farther south. To-morrow I shall have a party in pursuit of them. Yesterday quite a party of horsemen were 7 miles south of here on a road west of the one leading to Brunot, but could not be found this morning. Without cavalry it is impossible to pursue these bands with any prospect of overtaking them, and with the amount of picket guard, fatigue, and other duty that must necessarily be performed, it is difficult to spare men for these scouting parties. To-day my guard detained the mail coming in, and I have stopped the delivery of letters to a few suspected persons, and the forwarding six packages of letters, as follows: Four to points in Arkansas and Memphis, via Little Rock, and one to Brunot. These will be detained, awaiting the decision of the department commander thereon. I am entirely without orders for my guidance in matters like the above, and without recent acts of Congress which bear upon them.

I would respectfully urge the necessity of forwarding to this point, say, forty complete teams. About one hundred good and well-broken mules, now in use about the furnaces, can be purchased here; also harness and some good wagons.




Ironton, Mo., August 12, 1861.


Commanding Expedition to Potosi, Mo.:

SIR: Press into service as many teams as you want from secessionists who will be pointed out by Union men of character, and march up by