War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0437 Chapter X. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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The troops will be required to enlist for the war, unless sooner discharged, and will, except the reserve companies, be subject to the same regulations and receive continuously the same pay as the volunteer regiments. The reserve companies will be required to replace the Home Guard regiments should the latter for any cause be called to other counties of this State, and will receive the regular pay of volunteers for such actual service. When not in service the reserve companies will be under more liberal regulations; they will not be obliged to perform guard duty, and their hours of drilling will, so far as possible, be made to conform to their peculiar public and private position.

In order to accomplish without delay this urgent reorganization of the Home Guard of the city of Saint Louis, you are hereby directed to assemble your regiment at its headquarters, and ascertain from each man under your command whether he would prefer to continue in the regiment or to join the above-mentioned peculiar emergencies. After ascertaining in this way the wishes of the men, you will proceed immediately to the reorganization of the infantry regiments. The companies will, in the first place, elect their company officers, who will thereupon nominate their field officers, and submit their names for approval to the general commanding the department. The colonels, when accepted, will nominate a brigadier, and submit his name in like manner for approval. After his appointment a brigade-inspector will be selected by the general commanding. The officers of the regiment having been decided upon, the reorganization of the regiment, and, if possible, also that of the reserve companies, should be immediately completed, and the returns submitted to this department.

You will communicate this order to all the members of your regiment, and proceed with the execution of it until the election and approval of a colonel, who will, immediately after his appointment, report himself, with his officers, to these headquarters, when the regiment will be uniformed, armed, equipped, and provided with everything necessary for actual service, and at the same time with special instructions for drill and discipline.

The rolls of those men who should prefer to join the cavalry or artillery you will also submit as early as possible, with the officers suggested, to these headquarters. Should any deficiency exist, this department will supply all the different companies with efficient officers and complete their organization.

As it is my design to have in each regiment one company of sharpshooters and one company of pioneers, all the best marksmen should be concentrated in one company and all the best mechanics in another, under officers best adapted to the command of those companies.


Major-General, Commanding.


Saint Louis, August 12, 1861.

Brigadier-General GRANT, Commanding at Ironton:

You are hereby directed, for the purpose of keeping both your flanks open and retaining control over the whole neighborhood of your position, to send one column to Centreville and another to Fredericktown, of both which places you will take possession. At the same time you