War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0421 Chapter X. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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They will then select from the number at least five of the most responsible persons, taken from all political parties, and appoint them a committee of public safety, charged with preserving peace in their respective counties.

When it can be done consistently with the special order, the existent county officers, or such number of them as may be judicious, will be placed upon these committees. The names of the members of the committee thus selected will be announced to the people by the commanding officers both at the Court-House and on the return march to this place.

All citizens will be warned that the troops stand ready to enforce promptly and vigorously every provision of Special [General] Orders, Numbers 3, and will be exerted for their safety and good name and for the peace of their counties, to preserve quiet among themselves.

At the termination of these services the troops will rejoin their original posts, except Captain McNulta, who will repair to this place with his company by the most direct route from Bowling Green.


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Mexico, August 2, 1861.

Colonel J. D. STEVENSON, Commanding in Jefferson City:

COLONEL: I inclose herewith a number of printed copies of General Orders, Numbers 3, from these headquarters:*

You are instructed to move with such force as you deem necessary to the county seats of the counties adjacent to you, and to appoint the committees of public safety specified in the printed order, distributing that order as extensively as possible, and notifying the people that its provisions will be strictly and vigorously enforced.

In selecting members of the committees you appoint be careful to take men of substance and respectability, preferring those of secession proclivities. I desire it to be made known that the safety of person and property in all that region of country will depend upon the preservation of peace and order, and that the best and only protection to family and property will be the presence of every man at home, engaged in his usual pursuits. Upon the secessionists, as well as the Union men, must devolve the duty of maintaining the peace in all sections of North Missouri under my government, and they must understand that however they may escape responsibility by flight, their property will always be at hand, and will be dealt with according to the terms of the special order.

Report to me the names, places of residence, & c., of all you appoint on these committees, and your whole action in the matter.

Respectfully, sir, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Mexico, August 2, 1861.

To COMMANDING OFFICER Iowa Forces, Keokuk, Iowa:

SIR: Inclosed are instructions for your movement with your command upon Memphis, Waterloo, Monticello, and Edina. I desire this move


* See under date of July 31, p. 417.