War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0407 Chapter X. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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CAIRO, July 26, 1861.

Colonel HARDING, Jr., Assistant Adjutant-General:

Five steamers were to leave Memphis last night to take troops from Randolph to New Madrid. Union City troops are under orders to cross Mississippi. If they fail to assail us, Ironton and Cape Girardeau will need re-enforcements. Colonel Marsh has no battery. I have none to spare and no transportation to intercept rebels. I am of opinion that Bird's Point is their destination.




Springfield, Mo., July 26, 1861.

In consequence of reports of seizures of persons and property not authorized, nor consistent with the purpose and policy of the General Government, the following orders are given:

The persons and property of all law-abiding citizens will not be molested, and it is intended this exemption shall apply to all persons, whatever may be their private opinions, who remain peaceful and quietly pursue their avocations, and who do not take nor excite others to take an attitude of hostility to the General Government. The exception here indicated has reference to such persons as are exciting others to acts of rebellion, and are themselves in arms against the General Government, and any seizure of their property will be made only upon proper authority, and will have reference solely to the means of disarming and depriving them individually of power for mischief, and not to the injury of families or the wanton destruction of property.

In cases of necessities of the service, where private property is seized or pressed into the use of the Army, the sanction of the commander on the spot must be given, and the property either paid for or a certificate of the seizure and a statement of the price due given.

The cases of plundering, wanton destruction of property, and disregard of personal rights, of which the general commanding has heard with pain, have been disgraceful to our troops, a violation of his own orders, and contrary to the purposes of the General Government. In thus expressing his disapproval of such conduct of the unscrupulous members of his command, he declares his determination to use all possible means to suppress it, and calls upon all not subject to this imputation to use all their exertions to this end, and all officers are enjoined to adopt the needful measures of vigilance and rigor to correct this evil.

By order of General Lyon:


Acting Adjutant-General.


Springfield, Mo., July 26, 1861.


Adjutant-General Missouri Volunteers, Saint Louis Arsenal:

Your order relative to the State Journal meets with the general's approbation. The general would like you to join him as soon as you can be spared by General Fremont. No doubt General F. will need you for