War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0367 Chapter X. CAPTURE OF WAGON TRAIN NEAR WARRENSBURG, MO.

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NOVEMBER 18, 1861.-Capture of a wagon train near Warrensburg, Mo.

Report of Major L. C. Easton, Quartermaster, U. S. Army.


Fort Leavenworth, November 29, 1861.

GENERAL: Since writing you on the 19th instant, the wagon-masters of trains Nos.1 and 2 started from this place to Sedalia, by direction of General Fremont, have returned to this place, and report that "on the 16th November, while en route from Fort Leavenworth to Sedalia, and within 25 miles of the latter place, having received information that the trains Nos.1 and 2 were about being attacked, J. W. Price, wagon-master of train No. 2, dispatched an express to the commanding officer at Sedalia, asking him for protection. On the 17th November he received an order from General Sturgis to return to Fort Leavenworth, which order we immediately obeyed, and on the night of the 18th November, near Warensburg, Mo., while on our return to Fort Leavenworth, the trains Nos.1 and 2 were attacked and captured by an armed party of rebels. No protection was sent us from Sedalia, and no protection was given the trains on the route by Colonel Jennison's regiment."

Colonel Jennison's regiment, as I reported to you in my letter of the 19th instant, was detailed to escort these trains to Sedalia.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major and Quartermaster.

General M. C. MEIGS,

Q. M. G. U. S. Army, Washington, D. C.

NOVEMBER 18, 1861-Attack on steamer Platte Valley, at Price's Landing, Mo.


No. 1.-Brigadier General U. S. Grant, U. S. Army, with orders for pursuit of Thompson.

No. 2.-Brigadier General M. Jeff. Thompson, Missouri State Guard, of proposed capture of steamers.

No. 1. Report of Brigadier General U. S. Grant, U. S. Army, with orders for pursuit of Thompson.


Cairo, Ill, November 18, 1861.

The steamer Platte Valley was attacked this afternoon by 100 or 200 of Jeff. Thompson's men, commanded by Jeff. in person, and two officers of the Second Cavalry, who were on leave, were taken prisoners. They were paroled, and one returned here and gave the information. This took place at Price's Landing, at 4 p.m. to-day. I want all the cavalry that is well armed sent out to-night by the river road, and 700 or 800 infantry sent at the same time by rail to Charleston. I will go from here to-morrow morning with infantry and cavalry, and try to catch him. Let these two commands be got off as early as possible to-